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Gwendoline Absalon presents “KIF-KIF” featuring Pix’L

Gwendoline Absalon will unveil her new single and video clip (directed by Allison Gran) "KIF- KIF" on its release November 15, 2023, on Ting Bang / InOuïe Distribution. The word KIF-KIF has come into common parlance in French long time ago as synonymous with "the same", this expression of Arab origin sets the tone for the new single of the Reunion island singer Gwendoline Absalon. But beware, it is even more meaningful! Give each other his share and a little more if it can improve his home, his entourage, humanity! Then... “KIFFER” -with two f this time- be aware of one’s place in the world, take it without being afraid... Here is in essence the new message wonderfully carried by Gwendoline Absalon, after the release of her second album Vangasay (TING BANG/ L'Autre Distribution) which made her one of the major figures of the Reunion scene. Composed by the singer and interpreted with this still captivating voice, the song is enriched by a featuring of the Reunion singer Pix'L. The two artists evolve in different universes: him, urban music, her, world music, but both are children of maloya. Enjoying each other’s career, they unexpectedly found themselves on stage in mainland France and Gwendoline shared the stage of Pix'L in late 2022 at the Teat Champ fleuri (Reunion). In KIF-KIF, the voice of Pix'L suddenly emerges, absolutely masterful, for a detonating duo, imagined by the arranger-director of Gwendoline, the pianist Hervé Celcal. KIF-KIF is then a complete single, loaded with a strong history which irresistibly invites to dance. Singer Gwendoline Absalon, born in St. Denis, La Réunion in 1992, of Malbar origin, already has a beautiful musical career. Music began with a family initiation, her uncle who is a musician, made her sing background vocals for a Maloya album when she was only 10 years old. She also owes playing the guitar to him Paradoxally Gwendoline chose music as a result of a struggle against prohibitions imposed by a strict education. At home, they listened to Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and Cesaria Evora, but there was no celebrating, no partying. Therefore, it is her unique determination that led her to sing. She first studies classical singing and stage presence techniques. At 17 she wins “la Caravane des Talents” contest. At the same age, she meets musicians in high school among whom the pianist Matthieu Brillant. With him she wins another contest, “La Réunion’s best jazz singer” in 2010. This will lead her to do the first parts of Manu Katché and Hugh Coltman’s concerts at the “Téat Plein Air”, in La Réunion. She will also be by Eric Legnini’s side for a series of master classes on the island. Gwendoline leaves La Réunion for Bordeaux (a large community from the island is studying there) to live a young woman’s life in her manner. There, she starts studying music-therapy, graduates and starts working with heavily disabled people. In Bordeaux, one December night, chance leads her to a "fèt kaf" (Ceremony of the “Cafres” - descendants of African slaves) where young people are playing a Maloya, music that she neglected for so long. She takes it as a sign and decides to undertake her first album. This will be followed by a encounter with guitarist Rija Randrianivosoa (performing on second album Vangasay) and drums player Hugo Bertil. Her first album Dig Dig is released in 2018 (live extract: Voulvoul lamour) and directed by Rija. The album boosts Gwendoline’s success in La Réunion where she returns with a renewed spirituality that has nothing to do with religion. Two years later, a very decisive encounter with the pianist, arranger, composer and producer Hervé Celcal leads to Vangasay (name of a fruit), her second album. In Vangasay, the warm and clear voice of this young pathfinder invites everybody to assert their identity, in an astonishing Creole poetry. The musical arrangements by Hervé Celcal, between pop and world-music, an homage to tradition and fountain of youth at the same time, perfectly serve this upcoming artist’s philosophy. Since then, she has imposed herself as one of the upcoming figures of the young music-scene of La Reunion, as a guest in the major musical events of the island. She also had the opportunity to play Vangasay in Cape Verde, Portugal and Spain (summers 2022 and 2023) and France (Studio de l'Ermitage, 360 Factory, Sunside - Paris ; Jazz Nancy Festival...).
14 November 2023

Dariana López presents “Por Eso Canto”

Dariana López will unveil her new album "Por Eso Canto" on its release November 3, 2023, on Nesso Production / Alta Fonte Distribution / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Tuesday November 28, 2023 at Café de la Danse (Paris). With this album, performed in Spanish and French, Dariana takes her audience on a journey combining history, culture and different inspirations. Musicians such as Manuel Sanchez, Miguel Siso and Francis Arnaud also join her on « Por Eso Canto », a delightful masterpiece for all music lovers who enjoy the sounds and rhythms from around the world. « Por Eso Canto » is a journey of life told through nine tracks that swing between the energy of French romanticism and the joy of Latin notes. There's no better way to discover this artist with her soft, powerful voice. Dariana López is a Venezuelan singer and songwriter born in Mérida, Venezuela in April 1994. Her love for music and singing began at the age of five in her elementary school choir. She then began her musical training at the Escuela de Música del Estado Mérida, where she perfected her skills in the practice of the Venezuelan cuatro and later in popular singing and vocal technique. From a young age, she participated in different cultural activities such as the National Festival of Venezuelan Children's Voice "Fé y Alegría", the Festival de la Voz Liceísta and different recitals organized by the Licenciatura en Música Popular y Jazz of the Universidad de los Andes and the Casa de la Cultura "Juan Félix Sánchez". In 2019, she won the second place in the competition "Chant en français" organized by the Alliance française du Venezuela and the French Embassy in Caracas. For seven years she was part of the Cantoría de Mérida, an institution with 47 years of musical trajectory under the direction of Professor José Geraldo Arrieche and with a wide repertoire including classical, contemporary and Venezuelan music. Her versatility in singing has led her to experiment and stand out in different musical genres, and in recent years she has focused on popular singing with Venezuelan and Latin American roots. Since 2020, she has been living in Paris, France, where she continues her professional training in singing - contemporary music at the Conservatoire Edgar Varèse in Gennevilliers. At the same time, she is a singing teacher in the SONAR Association founded by the mandolinist/composer Cristóbal Soto for the diffusion and teaching of traditional Venezuelan music in France. Dariana López releases on November 3 2023, her first album as a singer-songwriter: an album produced by the cuatro-composer Miguel Siso and the label NESSO MUSIC; a project that reflects her sound universe... a musical identity where pop, jazz and the beauty of Venezuelan and Latin American music converge harmoniously.
9 October 2023

AySay present “KÖY”

AySay will unveil their new album "KÖY" on its digital release October 13, 2023, on No Bounds Music / Believe Digital and on its physical (CD + vinyl) release January 12, 2024, on No Bounds Music / InOuïe Distribution (France). AySay has, among other things, played Roskilde Festival, Heartland Festival and Tønder Festival in Denmark as well as festivals abroad such as Sinsal (Spain), Arctic Sounds (Greenland), Babel Music XP and Les Escales (France) including a summer tour in Canada. In November 2022, AySay went back to Canada, where they, among other things, played Mundial Montreal. Most recently, they have been won three DMA Roots Awards. The Danish trio will also attend the Eurosonic (ND) on January 17, 2024. In Luna Ersahin’s voice, rests a story of the whole person in a composite world. In Turkish, Danish and Kurdish, she creates a fascinating universe in AySay together with Aske Døssing Bendixen and Carl West Hosbond. In the tension between Anatolia’s musical traditions, hand-played instruments and electronic productions, AySay’s unique expression arises. The album With its pop-infused productions and elements of Anatolian psych rock, the album creates a universe where Danish, Turkish, and Kurdish seamlessly intertwine, and folk songs are given new life. "KÖY" translates to "village" in Turkish, and with this single word, AySay's new album encapsulates an exploration of identity, belonging, and communities.   The band For the active listener, AySay’s music is colorful, interwoven and surprising. For the dancing listener, the music will be enthralling, groovy and uplifting. And for those who use music for an inner journey, Luna’s voice and lyrics will show depth, honesty and hope. If Altin Gün, AURORA and Eivør sat down and wrote a song together, it would be the sound of AySay. AySay’s second concert ever was for the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. Accompanied by Aarhus’ jazz and symphony orchestras, and with 70,000 people in the audience, this unique event perfectly frames the trio’s ability to both convey essential human themes and embrace a wide audience, always aming to take step closer towards a society that rests in its many differences. Since that evening, AySay has, among other things, played Roskilde Festival, Heartland Festival and Tønder Festival in Denmark as well as festivals abroad such as Sinsal (Spain), Arctic Sounds (Greenland) and Les Escales (France) including a summer tour in Canada. In November 2022, AySay will go to Canada, where they, among other things, will play Mundial Montreal. Most recently, they have been won three DMA Roots Awards in the categories: Name of the Year, Album of the Year (Su Akar) and Luna Ersahin as Composer of the Year. The band’s critically acclaimed debut album ’Su Akar’ was released in autumn 2021, and they will follow up in October 2023 with the album ’KÖY’.
9 October 2023

Körinn Pierre-Fanfan presents “Rêver”

Körinn Pierre-Fanfan will unveil her new album "Rêver" on its release November 17, 2023, on Rozo Production / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday November 22, 2023 at La Petite Halle, La Villette (Paris). The new album Rêver, whose title is a palindrome, in keeping with her first album, is an encounter with numerous cultures, as gwo-ka (traditional music from Guadeloupe), jazz and pop, creating new musical variations that bring joy and delight. Carried along by Ruddy Boa arrangements, the artiste finds her inspiration in her native island, Guadeloupe. Sharing, rhizome-like, Caribbean area to the universal. On this album, Körinn Pierre-Fanfan (voice, lyrics sand compositions) is playing with the following musicians: Ruddy Boa: piano and arrangements Arnaud Dolmen: drums Kristof Négrit: drums Michel Alibo: double-bass Zacharie Abraham: double-bass Jean-Christophe Raufaste: bass Presentation: Confidential for a long time, Körinn Pierre-Fanfan is out in the open now. Trained at ATLA school and Richard Cross’s, she for a while roamed musical scenes as a backing vocalist for Brigitte, As Animals, Tony Allen, Youssoupha, Seun Kuti, and Nicoletta. Then the time had come for more personal projects where Körinn teamed with major players of french overseas music scene : Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Blick Bassy, Jonathan Jurion, Stéphane Castry, Frantz Laurac, Lionel Agénor ou Ralph Lavital. But it’s the meeting with the pianist Ruddy Boa that led her to become the accomplished artist she is now. In November 2019 her first album Traversée is released, a poetical introspection of her native Guadeloupe. The title also alludes to the Traversée road, a tropical forest protected in Guadeloupe. Between pop, soul, jazz and world music, Traversée discusses the importance of interpersonal relationships, a recurrent theme within the artist’s world. The artist word: "For me, as a songwriter, it is important to carry out such personal projects because the way of working and producing this music is intimately linked to the experience of the people you meet that the creation induces. These collaborations create beautiful synergies, first with Ruddy Boa, arranger and pianist I’ve been working with since the first album Traversée. They allow unexpected openings, new pers- pectives for each song of the album Rêver. This is very different from how I could work before. This new album, besides being a wish I have had for a long time, is a gift for me, because in Rêver, I can play a very personal score." Körinn Pierre-Fanfan
2 October 2023

Batsükh Dorj presents “Ögbelerim – Music for my Ancestors”

Batsükh Dorj will unveil his new album "Ögbelerim – Music for my Ancestors" on its release October 20, 2023, on Buda Musique / Socadisc.  After An Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii and Khusugtun’s Jangar, Routes Nomades produces a second emanation of this Anthology with the first album by the young soloist Batsükh Dorj. With : Batsükh Dorj: vocals, khöömei, kargyraa, sygyt, igil fiddle, doshpuluur lute, shoor flute, khomus mouth harp, attinduyou horse hooves, khai nose whistle Johanni Curtet: vocals, kharkhiraa, isgeree khöömii, guitar, doshpuluur lute, dan moi mouth harp Tsengel, the western most village of Mongolia. In the remote foothills of the upper Altai mountains, Batsükh Dorj perpetuates khöömei in his community. This remarkable musician perfectly masters the different throat singing styles typical of the Tuvans: khöömei (contracted throat singing), sygyt (whistled throat singing), kargyraa (deep throat singing), ezenggileer (lit. “stirrups”), and borbangnadyr (lit. “rolling”). Accompanied by Johanni Curtet, specialist in throat-singing in the West who arranged and produced her first album, Batsükh sings us about his nomadic culture through mountains and travels, notably by imitating the rhythms of horses and the flow of water. A rare and complete artist: luthier, he masters his own sound; and composer he brings a major contribution to his musical tradition. This Altai blues is a sound that is its, and that of this encounter between a Tuvan musician and a French researcher-musician in search of harmonic sounds, where the art of khöömei unites them. Seeking a folk acoustic sound in vast spaces, it is a free and spontaneous interpretation. Compositions in the codes of the tradition, revisited Tuvan traditional music, a fiddle that makes us forget the temporality, a lute that punctuates our cavalcades, the overtones that connect us to the elements, a timeless music, in tribute to our ancestors.
22 September 2023

Kosasa presents “Fé lève lo mort”

Kosasa (Exploring the World Through Music), the latest project spearheaded by artist Suissa, will reveal "Fé lève lo mort", a new album that will be accompanied by a photo book / CD, a documentary and several clips, on the occasion of its release on CD, vinyl and digital on October 6, 2023 by Chante et tais-toi / InOuïe Distribution. David Suissa (guitar, voice and compositions) gathered the following artists: Mélanie Bourire (percussions, voice), Teddy Doris (trombone), David Doris (percussions, congas), Lélin Gado (voice), Sébastien Joanniez (voice, lyrics), Luc Joly (saxophone), Vincent Girard (bass, doublebass, compositions), Frédéric Madia « GiliK » (percussions, voice), Anne Gaëlle Hoarau (voice), Marcel« Willy » Phyleas (rouleur), Eno Zangoun (percussions, voice).   THE PROJET Fé lève lo mort (Reviving the Past: A Musical Journey) It all started with the bond between Suissa, a musician from the metropolitan scene, and the enchanting island of Reunion island: its people, culture, music, and landscapes. It was the desire to share, exchange, and blend artistic elements that propelled Suissa forward. As a curious musician, Suissa embarked on a journey across various musical genres, forging connections and unifying voices. This musical exploration involved the Maloya world and artists from metropolitan France and the Reunion island, including authors, performers, and composers. The inaugural "Kosasa" laboratory ("What is that" in Creole) resulted on an album, a CD accompanied by a photo book, a documentary, and a series of music videos — all scheduled for release on October 2023.   THE LABORATORY We, a diverse group of artists, embarked on the inaugural stage of this creative laboratory on October 2019, accompanied by numerous guests at the Cité des Arts in Saint-Denis, the capital city of Reunion island. Sébastien Joanniez, at that time, author in a residence of the Indian Ocean National Drama Center, was inspired by the enchanting island that had left a profound impact on him. The interactions he had with the locals during a whole week, are centered around the theme of « Sunday » and led to the creation of texts, poems, and songs. Each day, a performer from the island, such as Mélanie Bourire, Eno Zangoun, Lélin Gado, Luc Joly, Teddy and David Doris, Frederik Madia "GiliK," Anne Gaelle Hoarau, Marcel Phyleas "Willy," and David Suissa, proposes and shares experiments with Sébastien Joanniez's texts and Suissa and Vincent Girard's musical compositions.The CD-book captures the pulse and emotions of these encounters, made possible with the support of CDNOI and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.   THE ALBUM After the Laboratory, David Suissa, Vincent Girard, and David Doris returned to the Tontons Flingueurs studio, to finish the album. This unique audio creation blends interviews, electronic elements, live events, songs, and the rich maloya tradition. All these elements are assembled in the "Fé lève lo mort" (Breathing New Life into the Past) album. The recording process spanned from October 2019 to July 2022 and took place at Cité des Arts with support from Cdnoi, Tontons Flingueurs studio, the Rogaton, and the Chante et Tais Toi studio. The project was brought to life by Chante et Tais Toi label and will be distributed by InOuïe Distribution.
15 September 2023

Amin Al Aiedy presents “Shams”

Amin Al Aiedy will unveil his new album "Shams" on its release November 17, 2023, on Musiques en Balade / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday November 30, 2023 at 360 Paris Music Factory (Paris). "SHAMS is an ode to a captivating region of the world that truly fascinates me: Bilad al Sham, which translates to « Land of the Sun », encompassing the Levant or Middle East. Drawing inspiration from this culturally rich and vibrant area, I aimed to create music that radiates brightness and warmth." Amin Al Aiedy On this album and on stage, Amin Al Aiedy (oud and compositions) is playing in quartet with the following musicians: Vincent Forestier: piano Matheo Cielsa: drums Jean Waché: doublebass Amin Al Aiedy, composer and oud player: "Since childhood, the East and the West have always coexisted within me, whether in my blood, language, or the music listened to within the family. After studying contemporary music, then classical, and eventually delving into jazz, the paths of life led me to live and study on the other side of the Mediterranean, where I was able to deeply absorb Arab music and culture. It was upon returning from this journey that the need to create a two- dimensional music became apparent. The idea sprouted during the lengthy introspective period of confinement, finally culminating in the creation, at the beginning of the summer of 2020, of a project that synthesizes this journey." The project: "The aim of this music is to bring together the harmonic and rhythmic riches of the Western world with the oral tradition and melodic spirituality of the Eastern world. Jazz modes infuse themselves with Arab maqams, intertwining with diverse polyrhythms. Improvisation, too, takes flight, weaving between written cadences and crafting new arabesques together. SHAMS is an ode to a captivating region of the world that truly fascinates me: Bilad al Sham, which translates to « Land of the Sun », encompassing the Levant or Middle East. Drawing inspiration from this culturally rich and vibrant area, I aimed to create music that radiates brightness and warmth. Over the course of two years, I composed these nine pieces, seeking to paint a diverse landscape that effortlessly blends jazz, modes, and Arabic rhythms. Melody takes center stage, flowing through irregular beats and finding freedom in the musicians' improvisations, with whom I immensely enjoy playing." Amin Al Aiedy  
1 September 2023

Matjé presents “Sur mon dos”

Matjé will unveil his new album "Sur mon dos" on its physical and digital release September 22, 2023, and vinyl release on November 9, 2023 on Label d'À côté / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday November 16, 2023 at 360 Paris Music Factory (Paris). At the crossroads between French song and World music with Afro-Latin influences, Matjé puts a poetic pen, on a warm and catchy music combining tradition and modernity. On this album, Matjé is surrounded by prestigious guests such as: Mourad Musset (La Rue Kétanou) : vocals ("Palabres") Bi.Ba : vocals (''Mitsio'') Isla : vocals ("Sur mon dos'') Alain Debiossat (Sixun) : saxophones (" Palabres" et "Cumbia Fanée") François Causse (Zoufris Maracas) : drums and percussions And also by the following musicians: Sébastien Gloriod : accordion Ludovic Hellet : doublebass Yoann Grenouilleau : drums Charles Giraud : keyboards, clarinet, choirs and percussions   Biography Matjé: Having grown up in the world of sea travels in the town of Saint-Malo, Matjé has been dreaming from an early age of distant and sunny countries. As a teenager, he met the writer Raphaël Confiant at the festival "Etonnants Voyageurs" and discovered "creolity". Later on, living in Montreuil (93), he appropriated this concept with the meaning that Aimé Césaire would give to it. Like a "kelp hanging on the rock" of French songs, he likes to be carried away, various musical currents he has discovered abroad, and in a France still open to the world, thanks to the welcoming of many cultures since its origins. He chose the artist name "Matjé" when he discovered that this contraction of his first and last names meant "to write" in Creole. Living today close to the Atlantic Ocean, he mixes his songs with memories from his travels to Brazil, the West Indies, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Reunion...   "Sur mon dos": In this new album, the pseudonym of this singer, author and composer takes on its full meaning through his stories sung or rapped in French on tropical music. His light and poetic words but full of meaning mingle, for instance, with  Colombian Cumbia, Brazilian Forro, African Soukous, Reunion Maloya, Malagasy Salegy... Although getting its inspiration from traditional music, this new opus is anchored in modernity and we sometimes feel Hip hop influences in the flow or production of some tracks. His solar and catchy music exudes a positive energy inviting to dance while the careful and poetic writing leads us to take a step back and encourages thinking. 4 tracks of the album "Sur mon dos" were first made at Batiskaf in Nantes (44). Then, following his meeting with his manager Julio Rodrigues (who revealed the Zoufris Maracas and accompanied La Rue Ketanou), he met François Causse (director, among other things, of Zoufris Maracas albums). He achieved with him 6 new tracks in Massy (91). Julio also introduced him to Mourad Musset from La Rue Kétanou (feat. on "Palabres") during an opening part at the Cabaret Sauvage (Paris, 19th) and made it possible to release the album on the Label d'à Côté.
30 June 2023

Luis de la Carrasca presents « Flamenco vivo… Baró Drom » at the Festival Off d’Avignon

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Luis de la Carrasca présente "Flamenco vivo... Baró Drom" son nouveau spectacle, issu de son 5e album "Baró Drom", sorti le 17 mars 2023 chez Andalouse Alhambra / InOuïe Distribution. L'artiste et sa compagnie se produiront dans le cadre du Festival Off d'Avignon ,sur la scène du Théâtre du Chêne Noir du 7 au 29 juillet 2023, tous les jours à 20h00 (relâche les lundis). Andalou de Grenade, Luis de la Carrasca est l'une des références dans le monde Flamenco.  Dans ce nouveau spectacle issu de son album éponyme, il poursuit son exploration sonore, un pied dans la tradition, l’autre dans la modernité. Son inspiration chemine dans son vécu et reflète un sentiment qui ne veut jamais partir. D’ailleurs si "Baró Drom" évoque les gitans, cela rappelle aussi les Grands Voyages à travers le monde et l’histoire de l’homme jusqu’à nos jours. Au chant et aux rythmes des deux guitares Flamenco, s’intègrent un souffle classique avec le piano, une impulsion jazz avec la contrebasse, une liberté avec les percussions, une énergie avec les chœurs, les palmas et la danse. Attentif aux sons du monde, Luis de la Carrasca croit au pouvoir des mots et défend une musique sans limite. Aux côtés de Luis de la Carrasca (auteur-compositeur, chant, palmas), vous pourrez retrouver sur la scène du Théâtre du Chêne Noir : José Luis Dominguez (guitare), Manuel Gómez (guitare), Domingo Moreno (cajón/percussions et palmas), Olivier Lalauze (contrebasse), Antonio Paz (piano et choeurs), Aurélien Dalmasso (musique électronique), Ana Pérez ou Céline Daussan « La Rosa Negra » (chœurs, palmas et danse).   Ils en parlent : « Avec l’album Baró Drom, l’Andalou poursuit sa route : celle d’un chanteur et guitariste de la province de Grenade qui s’est établi en France il y a près de trente ans, mais qui, entre deux musiques composées pour le théâtre, ne cesse de revenir au flamenco, qu’il modernise avec élégance, avec contrebasse et piano ». Télérama « La voix rugueuse de De La Carrasca s'élève sur des nappes de sons électroniques, nous faisant basculer dans l'univers du trip-hop ». Songlines « D’une remarquable sobriété, le chanteur andalou s’affranchit d’emblée de tout excès de flamboyance ou de dramaturgie surjouée. Et si l’interprétation reste viscérale, elle n’en demeure pas moins lumineuse, davantage porteuse de vie et d’espoir que de lamentations ». Que Tal Paris ? « Ce nouvel et superbe 5e album nous conduit sur la route gitane, ce Baró Drom (grand chemin) sur lequel a cheminé en masse le peuple gitan, du Rajasthan vers l’Europe et l’Espagne. (...) Ce dernier opus est un petit bijou (…) ». 5 Planètes   Biographie Luis de la Carrasca Cet Andalou de Grenade, arrivé en France en 1991, est actuellement l’artiste Flamenco reconnu et une des références dans le monde Flamenco. Autodidacte, il a hérité du don de ses ancêtres pour el Cante. Il a plusieurs CD à son actif : FLAMENCO Luis de la Carrasca produit par Gérard Kremer (Label Sunset France - Collection Air Music – AUVIDIS-1997), Flamenco por el Mundo produit par Sunset France (2008), Tesoros Humanos (2014) produit par Andalouse Alhambra en contrat de licence avec Label Sunset France, distribué par Harmonia Mundi et Gharnata (2019) produit par Andalouse Alhambra avec l’aide de la Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, de l’ADAMI et de la SCPP distribué par Inouïe Distribution. Il participe également à l’album Reflejo Flamenco, Artistes du Grand Sud de la France, présenté à l'occasion du XXXIIIe Congrès International d'Art Flamenco à Nîmes en 2005. Son nouvel album Baró Drom est sorti le 17 mars 2023. De nombreux metteurs en scène, tels que Thomas Le Douarec, Jean-Luc Paliès, Prosper Diss, Serge Barbuscia ont fait appel à son talent. Luis de la Carrasca compose les musiques de scène et réalise l'adaptation Flamenco de nombreuses pièces de théâtre (Le Cid la légende Flamenco, Signé Pombo, Théorie et Jeu du Duende, El Cordobés, Ola Federico, Carmen Flamenco...).
9 June 2023

Srdjan Ivanovic presents “Xénos”

Srdjan Ivanovic will unveil his new album "Xénos" on its release June 23, 2023, on Rue des Balkans / Absilone / Socadisc. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday September 28, 2023 at 360 Paris Music Factory (Paris). "Xénos", "foreigner" in Greek, is a band that takes stories and experiences of exile and immigration and transcends them into music, a World-Jazz with a Rock sound. "Xénos" is: Jovana Krstevska - vocals Robby Marshall - tenor saxophone, clarinet Hugo Corbin - guitar Timothée Robert / Philippe Burneau - bass Srdjan Ivanovic - drums, keyboard The album: Paris may be the most beautiful city in the world, but a foreigner will always carry a piece of elsewhere with him. A little seed of nostalgia for his other homes. For his worlds elsewhere. And the best thing this stranger can do with this little seed is to turn it into music. This is how Srdjan started his project: Xénos, which means "foreigner" in Greek. A mixture of traditional Balkan melodies, Rock, Punk, Ska and modern Jazz influences. Srdjan Ivanovic: Currently based in Paris, Srdjan was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia. In 1992, he moved to Athens, Greece, to escape the war. In 2003, he moved to the Netherlands where he studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (B. Mus) and Utrechts Conservatorium (M. Mus). In 2014, he received the prestigious Prins Bernhard Foundation scholarship to study for 6 months in New York. In 2008, Srdjan won the Holland Casino Jazz & Pop Award (2008 and 2009) and the Dutch Jazz Competition (2008) with praise of the jury (presided by guitarist Philip Catherine) for the originality of his compositions and playing. He took part in the VIPs Tour (2009) and the EBU European Jazz Competition in 2010. As a leader, he released four albums with the Blazin' Quartet (on Challenge Records, MoonJune Records and Coolabel). He is also leader of the group Modular (with Manu Codjia, Magic Malik, Ludivine Issambourg, Olivier Laisney and Yoni Zelnik) and co-leader of Nikolov-Ivanovic Undectet with whom he released two albums. He appears on more than twenty albums as a sideman and, since moving to Paris in 2014, he plays with various bands and musicians such as Christophe Panzani, Magic Malik, Federico Casagrande or Marc Buronfosse. He also has written music for cinema and theater.
24 May 2023

Canto do Sol presents “Avant l’Équinoxe”

Canto do Sol will unveil their new album "Avant l'Équinoxe" on its release June 16, 2023, on Jaboticaba / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday June 15, 2023 at Les 2 Pianos (Paris). In this brand new project, the new captivating songs by Canto do Sol highlight mutual inspirations, reflected on their unique Franco-Brazilian friendship. With this album in two languages (French and Portuguese), Canto do Sol explores a wealth of sounds and rhythms from Brazil and elsewhere (Cape Verde for instance). Canto do Sol is: • Sophie Magnani: voices, compositions, lyrics • Hervé Morisot: 7-string guitare, compositions • Filipe Dourado: cavaquinho, compositions, lyrics • Wendell Almeida: percussions, compositions, lyrics The members of Canto do Sol met each other during the lock-down, thanks to the magic of social networks. Sophie and Hervé, having already partnered for previous projects, met percussionist Wendell and cavaquinist Filipe online and began to create collaborative videos.  After a while, Sophie started to compose her first songs in December 2020, quickly joined by the whole band. Stimulating exchanges, new ideas, growing complicity and strong friendship did the rest. 11 songs and an album were born: “Avant l’Équinoxe“. The lyrics explore topics as love, desire, ocean, family, friendship, beauty of life... It’s a kaleidoscope of personal and intimate songs, each one revealing a wonderful story. “We didn’t want to compose this album, it was imposed on us, a sort of revelation. We missed the live concerts, we needed a way to express our creativity, at that time we were not allowed to play in public and we felt this need as a breaking wave, a real and powerful necessity. When equinox occurs, waves are stronger. That’s why we chose this title, which is also the title of one of the songs”.    
25 April 2023

Jean-Luc Thomas & Gab Faure present « Gwiad »

Jean-Luc Thomas & Gab Faure will unveil their new album "Gwiad" on its release May 26, 2023, on Hirustica / L'Autre Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday June 14, 2023 at Péniche Antipode (Paris). "«Gwiad» (Breton), weaving. This word in itself describes the multitude of ties which inspire us. This art is a metaphor for our vibrant and effervescent music, a patchwork inspired by the colours of our travels and encounters. Thread after thread, our life stories are interwoven, tied, bonded. Our music emerges and evolves in the perpetual quest for what connects us: capturing the movements of life." Jean-Luc Thomas & Gab Faure Gab Faure Born in 1983, Gab Faure began his career as a violinist at Caen’s music conservatory. After ten years of playing classical music, he decided to leave this sphere, his sights actively set on world music. His path is one of many encounters, discoveries, travels. He participated to many musical projects from diverse horizons: Breton music, Bluegrass, Balkan music, Irish music, Oriental music, Gnaoua, Gypsy jazz, song, representing more than 700 concerts and 18 records in 15 years. In the same time, he produces «J’ai tendu les cordes» (‘I stringed the strings’), a series of approximately 50 videos of musical gatherings in Ire- land, Scotland, Quebec, Morocco and Brittany. His improvisations, which all his projects are cross-practiced with, are nurtured by an advanced music vocabulary and delicate emotion. Since 2021, he has been exploring the radiophonic universe by producing sound documentaries, mainly with the ‘Kreiz Breizh Radio’. Today we can find him as a duo with the flutist Jean-Luc Thomas, in the Baleer Bro trio, in the fest-noz group Titom and in the group Toutã. Jean-Luc Thomas «For this exceptional flutist, each note is connected to an emotion. Jean- Luc Thomas only performs in the Celtic tradition to better resonate his African, Arabic and South American sensitivities.» Les Inrocks (May 2014) It can be learnt, taught and theorised, but music will never completely break away from busking on the street. We have to open ourselves more to the world and its inhabitants. No one knows this better than Jean-Luc Thomas, one of today’s greatest French flutists in traditional and improvised music. Thanks to his globetrotting, the breadth of his music knowledge never stops growing. Tregor native, Jean-Luc Thomas partners with Breton, Malian, Polish, Brazilian, Indian and Arabic musicians and singers, whether they are traditional, classic or jazz musicians (such as Carlos Malta, Michel Godard, Yacouba Moumouni, Vitor Lopes, Ravichandra Kulur). In addition, he was part of the Zingaro Equestrian Theatre («Ex-Anima») for three years. As a tireless observer of the world and its traditions, he has never conceded anything to business. In all his attempts to unite musics, Jean-Luc Thomas has never settled for tricks and shortcuts. For him, human dignity cannot be bought: «We get to be part of such great things,» he still wonders. «My flute gave me keys to the world». And it’s a whole world, that in return, his flute invites us to discover. Adaptation from the bio written by Louis-Julien Nicolaou (Les Inrocks - Télérama)
24 April 2023