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PACO EL LOBO & SANGITANANDA present “Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos. Vol.1”

Paco el Lobo will unveil their new album Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos on its release April 19, 2024, on Buda Musique. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday June 05, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). This first volume of Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos is an important event. On one hand because it is the first project of this order, in Spain as in France, for a quarter of a century. On the other hand, and above all, because it is undertaken, not without courage, by two French musicians, Sangitananda and Paco el Lobo. No one better than the latter could face such a challenge, after half a century of learning and professional practice of cante punctuated by four albums. There are few cantaores, Andalusian, Spanish or not, whose flamenco memory goes back to Pepe de la Matrona, Rafael Romero and Juan Varea (among others), from whom he received the magisterium and with whom he shared the stage. Even rarer are those who have managed to blend into a personal style the legacy of these masters and the subsequent innovations of Enrique Morente above all, but also of Camarón de la Isla or the last two generations of Jerez’s artists for whom, according to their age, he is a "primo" or a "tito" of reference. This first volume demonstrates that, contrary to a widespread prejudice, there are no “small” and “large” cantes, as long as they are all interpreted with respect and musicality. Revising your classics, discovering the richness of the cante repertoire or simply enjoying a beautiful musical work, aficionados and music lovers will find ample material to nourish their passion. We are waiting for the next volumes... (Claude Worms) Guests: Juan Manuel Cortes (palmas and percussions) Médéric Collignon (trompet) Édouard Coquard (bass) Cristina Rodríguez de Tovar (back vocals) Dani Bonilla (palmas and back vocals) Tracklist: 1. Mi niña Churri (Bambera) 2. Oye mi voz (Colombiana) 3. Agua pa’l molino (Bulería de Jerez) 4. El Rey de los cielos (Campanilleros) 5. Duros como el acero (Cartagenera) 6. Muero por ti (Alegrías) 7. Reinando (Malagueña de Chacón y jabera) 8. Perdí mi centro (Soleá de la Serneta y Álcala) 9. Corté una rosa (Liviana y serrana) 10.Árbol del paraíso (Toná) 11.Flores del campo (Tangos extremeños) 12.Una farruca lloraba (Farruca)
12 April 2024

BOWA presents « MVT »

BOWA will unveil his new EP "MVT" on its release April 26, 2024, on Mélorion/ InOuïe Distribution. His single 'Tousel a dé' will be available on all platforms on 5 April 2024. Maher Beauroy transcends borders to offer a unique sonic experience under the captivating name of BOWA. By creating a shimmering and superheroic alter ego, singer and composer Maher Beauroy unveils a supersonic journey to an island not found on any map, but beneath the surface is connected to all insularities, all encounters, all rhythms. BOWA's Caribbean electro music exudes corrosive virtuosity with irresistible melodies. Maher Beauroy proves with this project that he knows how to flourish in other playgrounds than that of instrumental jazz. Presentation of MVT : BOWA, hailing from Martinique, announces with emotion the release of his EP 'MVT'. Comprised of 5 captivating tracks, this opus skillfully blends influences from Caribbean music, pop, and electro, offering an innovative musical experience that explores the decline of love with personal depth. Preceded by the singles '20 Ans' and 'Tousel A Dé' the EP 'MVT' raises the bar even further. BOWA offers a collection of carefully crafted tracks that immerse listeners in a unique sonic journey. The title 'MVT' is an abbreviation of the Creole expression 'Mové Tan' which translates to 'Bad Weather' in English. For BOWA, this 'Bad Weather' symbolizes the emotional decline of his greatest love story. As a Martinican artist, he infuses his music with his life experiences, blending the entrancing rhythms of Caribbean music with elements of pop and electro. Within the EP, we find a cover of an iconic hit from the 90s for a whole generation of Caribbean people: "20 Ans" by the group Theorem'. Here, zouk has given way to an electro batucada, filled with 808s and melancholic synths. THE ARTIST'S WORDS "Each song of 'MVT' is a page from my personal story, a testimony of the 'MoVé Tan' of love and loss. Caribbean music, pop, and electro are powerful languages that have allowed me to narrate this story authentically. My previous singles were the first steps of this journey, and this EP is its natural continuation." BOWA
27 March 2024

Auster Loo Collective presents « Auster Loo Collective »

Auster Loo Collective will unveil their new album "Auster Loo Collective" on its release April 26, 2024, on Igloo Records / Socadisc. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday May 22, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Auster Loo Collective is bringing a breath of fresh air into Belgium's acoustic music scene. The band features top-notch Belgian musicians. Within the collective, they take up the challenge of putting their backgrounds at the service of a new musical language. Under the artistic direction of Simon Leleux, they set off in search of uncharted territories. A multi-talented and versatile explorer, Simon Leleux has been developing singular sound projects for a number of years, trying to find the right link between the sensitive imprint of a personal journey and that of existing music of surprising diversity. Auster Loo Collective is composed of: - Simon Leleux: percussion and composition - Lydie Thonnard: flutes and vocals - Shahab Azinmehr: setar and vocals - Bao Sissoko: kora and vocals - Aki Sato: koto, shamisen and vocals - Vincent Noiret: double bass - Célestin Massot: piano The album: The album is the result of a unique alchemy between exploration and the creation of sound bridges. Poignant, dreamlike melodies alternate with rhythmic, high-energy compositions. Each musician adds his or her own unique touch, creating an original sound that blends the distinctive subtlety of the koto with the playful melodies of the West African kora, piano and double bass, flute and Iranian setar, percussion and vocals. The album is a story in eight chapters that reflects the encounter of eight musicians from different parts of the world, deeply infused in a particular musical culture. Drawing on these deep roots, they have created original and unique compositions, guided by a free spirit that embraces each one's uniqueness. Poignant, dreamlike melodies alternate with rhythmic, high-energy compositions on this album, to be released in April 2024 by Igloo Records. Auster Loo was originally a duo featuring Simon Leleux, a specialist in finger percussion (doholla, bendir) and flutist Lydie Thonnard (flutes, vocals). Their shared passion for rhythm and improvisation was inspired by their encounters with musicians from all horizons. Auster Loo Collective is the continuity of these encounters. With the release of this album Auster Loo unfolds a whole new chapter of its existence.
27 March 2024

Kyab Yul-Sa presents « Murmures d’Himalaya »

Kyab Yul-Sa trio, winners of the Prix des Musiques d'Ici 2021, will unveil their new album "Murmures d'Himalaya" on its release April 26, 2024, on Nangma Prod / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday May 23, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Their first single 'Gangkar' will be available on all platforms on March 15 2024. Created in 2015 by Tibetan artist Lobsang Chonzor (vocals, Tibetan dranyen lute, gyumang tympanum), the beating heart of this unique ensemble, the Kyab Yul-Sa trio draws its identity from traditional Tibetan music. Both a singer and a musician, Lobsang Chonzor has been exploring traditional secular and religious Tibetan repertoires for over twenty years. In his solo performances, he introduces the public to this genre, while revealing impeccable technical mastery and astonishing artistic modernity. Kyab Yul-Sa is a musical trio born in 2015 and composed of: - Lobsang Chonzor: voice, Tibetan dranyen lute, tympanon gyumang - Margaux Liénard: violin, hardanger d'amore, bouzouki - Julien Layahe: zarb, tombak, and other percussion instruments. The album: Murmures d'Himalaya is first and foremost an escape, a journey into faraway lands: landscapes that are sometimes mysterious, sometimes captivating or contemplative, evoked by melodies and rhythms from elsewhere, but also by videos and visual material to support the musical message. Murmures d'Himalaya is an opportunity to discover Tibetan culture with Lobsang Chonzor, and to open a door to other horizons with Margaux Liénard and Julien Lahaye. The musical and visual heritages of the 3 artists reflect a spellbinding universe that is transcended by the universality of the music and the contemporary nature of the compositions. The trio: In Kyab Yul-Sa, Lobsang Chonzor joins forces with 2 musical exiles who have appropriated music from 'elsewhere' (Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Iran). Together, they transcend the foundations of traditional Tibetan music, bringing new arrangements inspired by musical languages that respond to and enrich each other. In their common land of music, the musicians offer the Tibetan tradition a musical revival with a unique blend of timbres.
27 March 2024

Erwan Menguy Quartet presents “SPI”

Erwan Menguy Quartet will unveil their new album "SPI" on its release March 29, 2024, on Klam Records / L’Autre Distribution. Their first single ‘A 10' will be available on all platforms on March 8, 2024. Erwan Menguy, a Breton flute player with an international reputation, has launched his first eponymous music project. As the leader of the quartet, he has chosen to surround himself with string instruments for a resolutely acoustic result inspired by bluegrass bands or chamber music ensembles, based on a repertoire of his own compositions. For this new live act and recording project, he has joined forces with three talented musicians with whom he has been working for many years – Erwan Bérenguer on the guitar, Kevin Le Pennec on the cittern and Hugues Lassere on the double bass – with a desire to bring them together in a more substantial format that allows a novel approach to the musical accompaniment as well as to the writing and arranging processes. "The quartet’s artistic statement is resolutely acoustic and flirts with American folk music: the wooden flute is the leader, just like a voice surrounded by a trio of harmonic and rhythmic strings. The choice of instruments is deliberate and encourages an acoustic approach, inspired – somehow – by the natural balance of sound textures within string quartets or chamber music ensembles. This artistic choice is based on a fascinating exploration of the notion of ''sound projection'', on the ability to ''place'' sounds within an ensemble, and on the adaptation required by the writing of a piece of music. Part of the repertoire breaks away from the usual Western musical patterns, through the play of superimpositions within asymmetrical rhythms, but also through the relationship between the lead theme and the accompaniment. Here, each musician has a very "organic" and energetic relationship with the music and their instrument, undoubtedly linked to the major importance of dance music in their respective careers. The objective therefore is to allow the spectator to hear the smallest details of the musicians' playing as well as the intrinsic sounds of the instruments, by highlighting all the creaking and scraping noises, and everything that makes the music sound more alive. This helps bring out the arrangement work conceived as early as the composition phase, in which the instrumental parts balance each other acoustically and naturally, the arrangements being sometimes very rhythmic, and each instrument playing a minimalist and persistent sequence of the same puzzle." Erwan Menguy
11 March 2024

Amina Mezaache & Maracuja present « Vortex »

Amina Mezaache & Maracuja will unveil their new album "Vortex" on its release April 26, 2024, on Veston Léger / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday May 16, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Their first single '6 Bémols' has been available on all platforms since 9 February 2024. Amina Mezaache & Maracuja is composed of: - Amina Mezaache: flutes and compositions - Yoan Fernandez: guitars - Fabien Debellefontaine: sousaphone and flute - Jonathan Edo: percussions The guest artists on the album are: - Simon Deslandes: trumpet and fuglehorn (tracks 1 and 7) - Florent Sepchat: accordion (tracks 1 and 9) - Edgar Sekloka: rap (track 6) Lead artist: Amina Mezaache: After passing through New York, Recife, Ouagadougou, Rio, London, Bali, Amina Mezaache’s flute offers us a profound and rich sound, full of diverse influences and inspired by the roots of traditional world music as well as jazz, classical and contemporary music. As a demanding soloist and experienced composer, she has been the founder of creative jazz groups since 2005. She has explored contemporary jazz writing, colored with various influences from world and repetitive music, such as the Inama sextet in 2008 (1st prize of Esprit Jazz Saint-Germain-Des-Prés Festival and composition prize of La Défense Competition), the ESP in 2011 and the Maracuja quartet, with whom she has been touring for 10 years. First Prize in composition and flute at the Créteil Conservatory, holder of a master’s degree in jazz at the University of Paris 8, she has enriched her musical universe since 2011 by collaborating with numerous musicians from the world music scene. Since 2011 she has traveled regularly to Brazil, where she collaborates with the great musicians Hermeto Pascoal and Itiberê Zwarg. In 2022, she participates in the large orchestra project Orquestra Familia da França with the composer and bassist Itiberê Zwarg, in partnership with the Sons d’Hiver festival, which gives rise to several concerts and the production of a live album, released in February 2024. Maracuja: Created in 2012 by Amina Mezaache, Maracuja is the fruit of the meeting of 4 talented musicians eager to cross the influences of jazz and improvisation with the richness of Brazilian music. This quartet of variable geometry is distinguished by an original instrumentation, which combines the timbres of Amina’s flutes with those of Fabien Debellefontaine’s sousaphone, Yoan Fernandez’s guitar and Jonathan Edo’s multiple percussions. In the tradition of Brazilian avant-garde composers, such as Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal, Guinga, but also inspired by traditional and afro-descendant, music, Amina Mezaache’s compositions are conceived as so many colorful and contrasting paintings, which explore combinations of timbres and encounters between rhythms.  
19 February 2024

Los Guayabo Brothers present « PsychoTropical »

Los Guayabo Brothers will unveil their new album "PsychoTropical" on its release April 5, 2024, on Los Guayabo Brothers / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday May 2, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Their first single "Fango" will be available on February 16, 2024 across all digital platforms. Their original compositions are inspired by Colombian folklore, with organic percussion and flutes reminiscent of Totó La Momposina meeting guitars, synths, and psychedelic brass akin to Pink Floyd or Ondatrópica. Los Guayabo Brothers consist of: - Juan Pablo Álvarez: electric guitar, backing vocals, percussions - Arnulfo Carazo: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, synthesizers - Iván Hernández: alegre, congas, backing vocals - Álvaro Olmos: bass, backing vocals - Rodrigo Peña: tambora, bombo leguero, drums - Camille Floriot: trumpet, female gaita, backing vocals - Gabriel Ray: trombone, male gaita - Olga Pavía: clarinets (feat. "El Francer") - Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto (feat. "El Mohán")   The album: “PsychoTropical’’ is a true musical journey that skillfully blends traditional Latin American sounds with modern and psychedelic touches. The tracks are both catchy and contemplative, offering a harmonic and rhythmic richness that will take you to unexplored musical horizons. Here’s a broad spectrum of the topics addressed: firstly, the simple and wild party (La Conjuntivitis); the sadly familiar crackdowns since 2020 during festive demonstrations in Toulouse (Folkloriptica); social issues such as modern slavery (La Cumbia Libertaria) or the Colombian armed conflict (Fango). Los Guayabo Brothers approach their Colombian identity in a more introspective way (Origins) and also evoke their adopted French culture (El Francer). Shows to come: 04/20 Le Taquin - Toulouse (31) 05/02 PsychoTropical Album release - Studio de l’Ermitage -Paris (75) 06/01 Festival Papillonez - Gaillac (81) 06/28 Festival Sons Au Fil de L’Eau - La-Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin (45) 06/29 Pollux Asso - Saint-Benoit-de-Carmaux (81) 07/09 Cri’Art - Auch (32) 07/12 Festival Tropical Pressure - Porthowan (UK) 07/30 Mardis de l’Été - Carcans-plage (33)
16 February 2024

Claudia Meyer presents “La Negra”

Claudia Meyer will unveil her new album "La Negra - Tribute to Mercedes Sosa, The voice of Latin America" on its release March 22, 2024, on Kobbi Prod / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday April 25, 2024 at Café de la Danse (Paris). The first single, "La Maza", has been available on all platforms since 26 January 2024. This album is based on the musical show. The original and innovative character of Claudia Meyer’s interpretation brings back to life the musical itinerary of this artist, internationally known for her voice, “the voice of silent people”. This album retraces the different steps of her life as an artist and as a woman. The album includes two duets: an exceptional one with Mercedes Sosa, and one with Maurane, to whom the album is dedicated. A word about Mercedes Sosa: "Mercedes Sosa is the voice that influenced me, she took me into her story and I plunged into her music. Although I am not a South American and Spanish is not my mother tongue, I was seized and taken by this culture and its musicality and overwhelmed by the power of her emotionally rich voice. I was sensitive to her story, to her life as a woman, to her commitment to the poorest and to the immense interpreter that she was. She has always been part of my musical itinerary, I have been singing her since I was a teenager and have paid tribute to her on my previous 2 albums Azul et Fuego. I am very moved and happy to revive her music on stage, and on the album “La Negra”." Claudia Meyer The album: The album and the show offer a mix of tradition and modernity, readapted by Claudia Meyer and Marc Benabou “Marquito” on percussions. Even though she remained faithful to original versions, Claudia Meyer brings her personal touch by playing ethnic instruments such as the charango, the cuatro, and particularly the bombo (andean drums) which Mercedes Sosa used to play on stage. The album is identical to the live show, a deliberate intention to reflect the proximity and the intimacy formed by Mercedes Sosa and her guitarist, Nicolas Brizuela.
31 January 2024

Johanni Curtet presents “If Only I Could Hibernate”

Johanni Curtet will unveil his new album “If Only I Could Hibernate” on its release January 5, 2024, on Buda Musique / Socadisc and Amygdala Films & Urban Factory. "If Only I Could Hibernate" is the original soundtrack to the film by Zoljargal Purevdash, (French release 01/10/24), which was part of the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard 2023). With : Johanni Curtet: composition, beatbox, khöömii, throat singing, guitar, doshpuluur lute, jaw harps, carillon Mandakhjargal Daansuren: morin khuur fiddle, khöömii, throat singing Kham Meslien: double bass Recorded and mixed by Bob Coke. Johanni Curtet is a musician, ethnomusicologist, producer and artistic director of Routes Nomades. For 20 years, he has been practicing and studying khöömii - Mongolian overtone singing - experimenting it through various creations. Several records of his production have been released by Buda musique: Tserendavaa & Tsogtgerel (2008), An Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii (2017), Khusugtun (2020), Batsükh Dorj (2023), as well as creations of his trio Meïkhâneh. With this soundtrack, Johanni signs a double premiere, a film score and a record in his name. This film is a cry from the heart for Mongolia perceived through the harsh daily life of a family in Ulaanbaatar: the abandoned yurt neighborhoods, the daily fight to survive the winter, the pollution of the coldest capital in the world, the question of equal opportunities, but also social issues such as the rural exodus and the gap between the nomadic presence and urban planning. Beyond the problems, Ulzii, the main character, embodies a great hope which pervades the entire story. The overtone voice is the continuity of this path of hope strewn with doubts that Ulzii follows, but also reminds his region of origin, Altai. Like his life, the instrumentarium is simple: guitar, doshpuluur lute, morin khuur fiddle, double bass, jaw harps and beatbox; just like their way of playing. This music is at the same time minimal, cheerful, soft or angry, repetitive to the point of stubbornness, like the moods that pass through the questions of this teenager who is trying to make it. It refers to Mongolian identity to become universal. The pentatonic modes rub shoulders with dissonances or blues, while seeking sometimes the rhythms from other nomadic cultures. Meanwhile, the discreet harmonic presence is everywhere.
15 January 2024

Giuliano Gabriele presents  “Basta!”

Giuliano Gabriele will unveil his new album "Basta!" on its release February 23, 2024, on Coming MusicArt / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday March 21, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Cathartic rhythms from the South of Italy, in a dissident album with an emblematic title. Basta! tells of individuals in movement, ideally or unconsciously free, imprisoned in “contemporary systems”, where all the frustrations and fears live. Traditional cadences intertwine with current mixes between Mediterranean and world music. The album is produced by the eclectic Martin Meissonnier (Fela Kuti, Khaled, Alan Stivell, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Manu Dibango, Papa Wemba, Tony Allen...). On this album Giuliano Gabriele (voice - diatonic accordion) is accompanied by: Lucia Cremonesi: Viola - Calabrian Lyre Eduardo Vessella: Tambourine Gianfranco De Lisi: Electric bass Riccardo Bianchi: Drums Carmine Scialla: Bouzouki - Battente Guitar Giovanni Aquino: Electric Guitar - Synth Gianmarco Gabriele: Programming Martin Meissonnier: Programming Giuliano Gabriele Italian-French songwriter, singer and accordionist. Giuliano Gabriele is considered one of the hottest artists on the Italian World Music scene. To his credit, important live experiences: the Moods in Zurich, the Rudolstad festival in Germany, the Festival du Chant de Marin in Paimpol (Brittany), the European Jazz Expo in Cagliari, the Ravenna Festival and many others. Among his musical encounters we find: Hevia, Carlos Núñez, Bombino, Martin Meissonnier, Francesco de Gregori, Nada, Enzo Avitabile, Eugenio Bennato, Peppe Voltarelli, Riccardo Tesi, Marc Perrone... He wins several prizes, including the Andrea Parodi Festival 2015 (the most important world music prize in Italy). He works an actor-musician alongside the legendary Lindsay Kemp. His previous album, released in 2015, received excellent reviews, including: four stars "Songlines" (UK), top 20 "World Music Central" (USA) and World Music Charts Europe. For years he has also been involved in the artistic direction and programming of festivals dedicated to world music.
14 December 2023

La Sève presents “Chlorophylle”

La Sève will unveil their new album "Chlorophylle" on its release January 12, 2024, on King Tao / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Friday March 1, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). La Sève draws its influences from West African music, particularly Cameroonian Bikutsi and Congolese Rumba. Chlorophylle, La Sève's new musical project, explores Ternary Form, and in particular Bikutsi, which was originally healing music sung by women. Ternary music, in 6/8 time, is fast, very rhythmical, and intended to get the hips swaying and the feet stomping. La Sève is made of: Guillaume Cornuel: guitar and voices Gregory Brustier: guitar and voices Samuel Paris: guitar and voices Frédéric Jebejian: drums, percussions and voices Like the life force that flows through plants. La Sève is a vital fluid that flows through the body in the rhythm of the dance. Since its creation, the band's underlying leitmotiv has been to make music that dances, vibrates, speaks to the body, and is reminiscent of ballroom music, but without using the same conventions. The group aspires to convey a primal, essential energy. With its new instrumental line-up of three guitars, drums and vocals, La Sève offers a direct and distinctive sound. It transcends the soundscape and reinvents the traditional repertoire. The musicians of La Sève build their musical style around a variety of combinations made possible using the three guitars, using counterpoint and an array of vocals that interweave into chords and melodies. The musicians of La Sève play Bikutsi in their own style. Their Rumba and Bikutsi take on the allure of math rock. They multiply musical influences, bringing together Ternary Forms such as the Waltz, Reggae and Jazz, both in their sound and in the arrangements of their themes. It's complex music, requiring a certain dexterity. The voices join in with the energy of the music, accompanying and enhancing the dance.
14 December 2023