Claire Luzi will unveil her new EP “Ce Corta-Jaca” on its release September 20, 2024, on LaRoda / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday October 10, 2024 at Les 2 Pianos (Paris).

Her first single ‘Le tram qui mène à la mer‘ will be available on all platforms on 28 June 2024.

Claire Luzi opens up and tells us, with this new quartet and songs in French, her thoughts, her dreams and her fantasies. An ode to nature, women and freedom where the words chosen by Claire Luzi intertwine perfectly with the musical notes on the joyful melodies of the Brazilian choro.
Claire Luzi: voice, mandolin
Karine Huet: accordeon
Raquel Freitas: piano
Icaro Kai Mello: percussions

Claire Luzi by… Manu Théron:
“This mandolinist-singer – leader of companies and faithful musical friendships – takes us into her shimmering universe, shaped by long-standing encounters between Brazil and Provence, between dreamlike melodies and very terrestrial rhythms. She imagines with blazing greed and discretion the thousand and one stories of ordinary life, sieved through her hopes, her dreams of equality or happy ecology, and tells the story of the thousand little things that punctuate our daily life in this maze.”

Claire Luzi by… Claire Luzi:
‘’In my songs you will find everything I love, and everything I learned : a solid classical piano training with a total infatuation with Chopin’s melodies; I grew up listening to Bourvil, Boby Lapointe and later, Nougaro whose every word upsets me, and then Juliette, among others… Several years of classical or contemporary choral singing, a university degree as a musician working in a school environment, a companionship (thanks to an ADAMI grant in 2016) for a voice-training with the great singer Teca Calazans… And then the mandolin ! In Corsica, with my great-uncle, then with Patrick Valiant, and finally in Brazil with Pedro Amorim and Marco César, Brazil where I found the music that suits me: the choro, which combines the melodies of Chopin with the syncopations that make my soul dance! In 2007 I met in Brazil the composer and guitarist Cristiano Nascimento and since then, our love duo has been fertile in songs and creations (and in children too)!’’