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David Krakauer presents the ‘’Krakauer & Tagg’s Good Vibes Explosion’’ Tour

David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg are back with “Krakauer & Tagg's Good Vibes Explosion”, playing several dates at prestigious festivals across Europe. The album “Mazel Tov Cocktail Party” was released on February 25, 2022 by Label Bleu and Table Pounding Records / L'Autre Distribution to rave reviews (see below). David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg have since decided to rename the project “Krakauer & Tagg's Good Vibes Explosion”, as this is more in line with what they want to convey: “an uncategorized explosion of good vibes, with incredibly diverse music and people coming together in a new global sound.’’ Krakauer & Tagg's Good Vibes Explosion consists of: David Krakauer, clarinet and vocals Kathleen Tagg, keyboards, cello, accordion, electronics/samples Sarah MK, MC, vocals and rap Martin Shamoonpour, daf (Iranian frame drum), jaw harp and mouth percussion Yoshie Fruchter, electric guitar, oud and mandolin Jerome Harris, bass and vocals John Hadfield, drums and percussion The artists will perform this summer in Europe on the following dates: - July 5: Jazz à Vienne (38) - July 7: Rudolstadt Festival  (Germany) - July 26 & 27: Schleswig Holstein Festival  (Germany) They will also be performing in France in the autumn: - November 19: La Seine musicale, Boulogne (92) - November 20: Éclats d'Émail Jazz Édition, Limoges (87) - November 23: Cité musicale, L'Arsenal, Metz (57) From Mazel Tov Cocktail Party to Krakauer & Tagg's Good Vibes Explosion: Always in search of new aesthetic frontiers and new sounds, clarinetist, composer and conductor David Krakauer has teamed up with producer Kathleen Tagg to create a cathartic expression of joy and affirmation. In response to the rise of bigotry and intolerance around the world, Krakauer and Tagg have assembled a team of artists from a wide variety of genres and cultural backgrounds to convey a counter-message of positivity that celebrates our common humanity. Good Vibes Explosion was conceived and created by Krakauer and producer Kathleen Tagg as an “explosion of good vibrations” in response to the current climate of incredible polarization and negativity that pervades our daily lives. Their album, Mazel Tov Cocktail Party, with a tongue-in-cheek title that references a pundit’s slip-of the tongue, has received rave reviews across North America and Europe. Alongside Krakauer and Tagg, the project showcases a multi-generational/high-octane group of collaborators from very different backgrounds, hailing from the USA, Canada, Iran and South Africa: clarinet virtuoso Krakauer stands out as the godfather of Tagg's eccentric keyboards and production, Iranian drummer and multi-talent Martin Shamanpoor, the virtuoso bass of jazz guru Jerome Harris, the voice and words of soul singer and rapper Sarah MK and the lines of oudist/guitarist Yoshie Fruchter. Together they embrace the diversity of today’s America through their unique take on a multitude of traditional roots musics, bringing their enormous musical and cultural diversity to the project and collaborating to create powerful original material. Old forms are celebrated both by bringing them into a 21st century sound-world and expanding the context to make room for new stories. This project was created in response to the current climate of polarization that pervades our daily lives. In these uncertain times, it’s a chance to come together to celebrate our common humanity and foster joy, positivity and togetherness. Their influences are global, but the sound they create collectively has produced something uniquely their own. Familiar dance forms such as Polka or Square Dance never sounded this way before, with hand drumming, propulsive electronic beats, lyrics calling for catharsis and positivity, deep grooves and Krakauer’s wailing clarinet crying out for us to join together, celebrate and feel the power in our aliveness. For 25 years, David Krakauer has spearheaded projects that bring together multicultural elements in unexpected ways. He is considered one of the leading forces redefining and reimagining the music of his Eastern European Jewish cultural heritage. In 2008, he founded Table Pounding Records as a hub for cross-genre projects. Then in 2015, Kathleen Tagg joined Krakauer in the production and creation of Table Pounding Records: Table Pounding Music.
18 June 2024

Söndörgő present « Gyezz »

Söndörgő will unveil their new album ‘’Gyezz’’ on its release June 28, 2024, on Coming Up Music / L’Autre Distribution. Their singles ‘Spoon’ and ‘Hid’ are already available on all platforms. The band will be touring France this summer: - 9 July 2024: Festival Convivencia - Ayguesvives (31) - 11 July 2024: Aux Heures d'été - Nantes (44) Söndörgő is made up of : Ábel Dénes : double bass, tapan Áron Eredics : first tamboura, tamboura cello, derbuka, tapan Benjamin Eredics : kontra tambura, trumpet Dávid Eredics : alto tambourine, clarinet, alto saxophone, kaval Salamon Eredics : alto tambourine, accordion, hulusi, frula With Chris Potter on tracks 1, 2, 5, 8 Resilience in Harmony: A Note from the Band In the midst of global turmoil, our band emerged as a robust force, surmounting challenges and uncertainties. In the chaos, our music became the catalyst for hope and inspiration. We remained steadfast in our commitment to our craft as the resonance illuminated the darkness, reigniting our collective spirit. In less than 24 hours, in Budapest, we harnessed the power of our musical synergy. Crafting an unforgettable testament to resilience and creativity, with Chris Potter's special guest appearance adding a unique dimension to our album. The album embodies the transformative power of music, offering solace and inspiration to all who seek refuge in its melodies. We extend our deepest gratitude to Chris Potter for his extraordinary talent. His involvement in making music together with us is one of the greatest honors in the band's history. For embarking on this journey with us, special thanks to you, our listeners. May our music serve as a guiding light through life's turbulent waters. Söndörgő short biography: The primordial nature of traditional music, the sophistication of classical compositions, the energies of rock music and the purity of Bartók's thinking characterize the Hungarian band Söndörgő, one of the most exciting, innovative and successful bands on the international world music scene. When Söndörgő was formed more than a quarter of a century ago, the members were still children and practically grew up along with the band. Four of the five members are part of the same family of musicians: three brothers (Aaron, Benjamin and Salamon Eredics) and a cousin (David Eredics). Their spiritual backbone is the legendary Vujicsics Ensemble, which has been playing authentic South Slavic folk music for close to fifty years: father and uncle figures, along with other Eredics musicians. Thus, in accordance with Zoltán Kodály’s ideals, the musical education of the members of Söndörgő began nine months before their birth. "The year 2024 marked a pivotal turning point for the band, ushering in a new era of growth and creative exploration. With the signing of a groundbreaking record deal with esteemed label Ground Up Music, the band set the stage for the much-anticipated release of their transformative album "Gyezz" in the summer of the same year, featuring the illustrious jazz saxophonist Chris Potter. Amidst this period of profound evolution, the band also embarked on an exciting partnership with the forward-thinking management team at 3S Music."
12 June 2024

Grupo Polo Montañez presents “Joyas del Guajiro”

Grupo Polo Montañez will unveil "Joyas del Guajiro", their new album, on June 14, 2024 for Lusafrica / Sony. This opus will be presented during September 2024 in Paris at an exceptional launch concert. After the death of Polo Montañez in 2002, the band remained inactive for some time. The absence of Guajiro Natural was difficult, and they were unable to find a singer capable of carrying on Polo's musical work in the same spirit. Some band members even decided to leave. It was in 2008 that they incorporated Yosleny Chirino as a singer, an excellent performer who, with his voice and melody, was able to respect the musical work of the group led by Amaury Romero Borrego. In 2014, Gladys Pérez, choir and minor percussion, recognised by the public as Polo's second voice and sometimes soloist, and Pedro Morales the third, returned to the group. Once again, all together, they confirmed their determination to keep Polo Montañez's musical work alive. From then on, they went on an international tour, playing on a cruise in Sweden and Finland, and at the Festival de la Juventud in Venezuela. They run their Peña Musical at the Casa del Campesino, in the Poblado las Terrazas, where they have their roots, and enjoy the recognition of foreign and domestic tourists who come to this place to enjoy the group and its music. Every year in June, the Jolgorio Polo Montañez international festival is held in Las Terrazas, celebrating the birth of the natural Guajiro, and the group is the figurehead of the event as guardians of this heritage. A new album with the Lusafrica label "Joyas del Guajiro" has been recorded in the dBega studios in Havana, featuring ten previously unreleased songs from Polo's oeuvre, which is now represented by his band with the same heart, showing the world that Polo is still alive through his music.
21 May 2024

PACO EL LOBO & SANGITANANDA present “Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos. Vol.1”

Paco el Lobo will unveil their new album Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos on its release April 19, 2024, on Buda Musique. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday June 05, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). This first volume of Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos is an important event. On one hand because it is the first project of this order, in Spain as in France, for a quarter of a century. On the other hand, and above all, because it is undertaken, not without courage, by two French musicians, Sangitananda and Paco el Lobo. No one better than the latter could face such a challenge, after half a century of learning and professional practice of cante punctuated by four albums. There are few cantaores, Andalusian, Spanish or not, whose flamenco memory goes back to Pepe de la Matrona, Rafael Romero and Juan Varea (among others), from whom he received the magisterium and with whom he shared the stage. Even rarer are those who have managed to blend into a personal style the legacy of these masters and the subsequent innovations of Enrique Morente above all, but also of Camarón de la Isla or the last two generations of Jerez’s artists for whom, according to their age, he is a "primo" or a "tito" of reference. This first volume demonstrates that, contrary to a widespread prejudice, there are no “small” and “large” cantes, as long as they are all interpreted with respect and musicality. Revising your classics, discovering the richness of the cante repertoire or simply enjoying a beautiful musical work, aficionados and music lovers will find ample material to nourish their passion. We are waiting for the next volumes... (Claude Worms) Guests: Juan Manuel Cortes (palmas and percussions) Médéric Collignon (trompet) Édouard Coquard (bass) Cristina Rodríguez de Tovar (back vocals) Dani Bonilla (palmas and back vocals) Tracklist: 1. Mi niña Churri (Bambera) 2. Oye mi voz (Colombiana) 3. Agua pa’l molino (Bulería de Jerez) 4. El Rey de los cielos (Campanilleros) 5. Duros como el acero (Cartagenera) 6. Muero por ti (Alegrías) 7. Reinando (Malagueña de Chacón y jabera) 8. Perdí mi centro (Soleá de la Serneta y Álcala) 9. Corté una rosa (Liviana y serrana) 10.Árbol del paraíso (Toná) 11.Flores del campo (Tangos extremeños) 12.Una farruca lloraba (Farruca)
12 April 2024

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Skillful at building trust-based relationships with artists and known in the media for her seriousness, her follow-through and her sense of initiative, Sèverine Berger is an elegant partner, one who effectivelyrelays our projects on to the world.

Buda Musique

Veevcom provides quality service, with real follow-up and a weekly report. Besides their personable rapport, Séverine and her team’s work is efficient and dynamic. We recommend their services!

RFI Talent

We have been so delighted to work with Sèverine Berger and Veev Com productions for press and marketing for our last 2 albums. Severine has been absolutely amazing, incredibly thorough, and an all-around delight to work with. We cannot say enough about her marvelous work and recommend her with tremendous enthusiasm!

David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg

We worked with Veev Com for the first time for the band Sociedade Recreativa, and we are delighted with our work together, which completely exceeded our expectations! A serious, personable team that passionately follows your projects for terribly effective results, all with simplicity and generosity! I recommend them!

Jarring Effects Label

Impeccable support and complete involvement in the projects. From defining in advance the best strategy to adopt through to the exhaustive weekly reporting over the course of the collaboration, Sèverine and her cohorts very quickly bonded with the La Curieuse team. Trust, professionalism, friendliness: we’ll sign on again!

La Curieuse

First collaboration with Sèverine and the Veev Com agency for the album XOGO by the band Radio Tutti & Barilla Sisters.
Professionalism and responsiveness right from the outset.
Very good targeting and results on international radio and media broadcasts, and very good returns on outlying national radio stations.
Daily tracking to monitor the promotion of the band, with real-time updates on all broadcasts and any comments about the band.
Excellent relationship with the band members for arranging interviews and promo planning.
A real pleasure working with such an attentive and efficient team.


We have hired Veev Com to do the promotion for the latest Black Flower album. It was the first time we worked together. Sèverine and her team are very passionate and have provided new perspectives. We are very happy with the results achieved. Highly recommended!

Sdban Records

Aribo Productions is very satisfied with the results obtained by Veev Com on the promotion of Medicine Man Orchestra’s debut album. Séverine Berger conducts her business with great professionalism. A few adjectives to describe her work: serious, responsive, adaptable and efficient! I recommend her services!

Aribo Productions

The Veev Com team has worked alongside the Capsul Collectif on the release of the most recent album by the Collective’s latest band, the Electric Vocuhila. Thanks to Veev Com‘s work, the record has gained a lot of meaningful press at national and international level, which has resulted in the promotion and dissemination of the group’s on-stage performances in France and Europe. We have received regular updates on the promotional work carried out by the team. We hope to be able to renew this collaboration quickly.

Capsul Collectif

Veev Com brilliantly handled the promotion of the Virginia Rodrigues concert in May 2016. Personal treatment with lots of communication and professionalism. And of course, the result!
Apart from promoting the concert, Veev Com worked on the promotion of the album “Mama Kalunga,” resulting in playlists and articles in the press.

Helico Music

Working together with VEEV COM was extremely productive and rewarding. Séverine and her staff pull off the daunting feat of simultaneously promoting the release of two albums on our label plus a concert event date: thoroughness, assertiveness, professionalismare just a few of VEEV COM’s best qualities, not to mention insightful weekly reporting and outstanding record-keeping. Lovely meeting up again and lovely synergy!

Label Hirustica

Sèverine from Veev Com was my press officer on the launch of my album Karishina.
She is highly professional and very responsive. At every stage, she always made her presence felt. That made me feel confident and in safe hands the whole time. And as far as results in the press, they went above and beyond my expectations.
In human terms, I have no words… I gained a true friend.
Thank you very much for your support; it has been crucial to our project. Long live Veev Com.

Helena Recalde

Support tailored to my project. Right from the first listening of the music, in Sèverine’s proposal to collaborate on the mission with the Vlad label, in the way my wishes were heeded and supported, in the almost daily and super-organized follow-up, in the quality of her network and their knowledgeability, I was enthralled by the seriousness and efficiency of Veev Com.

Thank you for your work and again, well done on the FIP selection, which brilliantly concludes our collaboration with Vlad Production and Inouïe Distribution.

Clément Oury

I am delighted to have been accompanied by Veev Com for the release of my debut album “Spiralis”. Thank you Sèverine Berger, from the bottom of my heart, for your professionalism, responsibility and advice. If an impeccable press officer is what you want, just call Sèverine 🙂

Pao Barreto

Sèverine Berger and the core members of her team really know how to deliver on the work done by the artists in their catalogue. By focusing on their various, rigorously-controlled networks, they provide a sounding board for each of the worlds they operate in. Their instructive promotional support and feedback make it possible for anyone hiring them to evolve in a reassuring setting as far as the goals laid out.

Edgar Sekloka

It was nice to be accompanied by Veev Com for « How Near How Far ». Sèverine Berger is a true professional and it was an immense pleasure working with her. My team and I would like to express our profound gratitude to her here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big kisses and musical affections.

Etienne Mbappé

We worked with Veev Com for the release of Amando Risueño’s album “El canto del Viento”. It was a great collaboration: professional, rigorous and whole-hearted. During the health care crisis, a particularly complicated time for an album release, Sèverine Berger has always listened, given good advice and responded. A big thank-you!

Nuevo Mundo

Our collaboration with the Veev Com team, under the leadership of Sèverine Berger, has been very positive. Her targets met ours and, during a particularly grueling time for promotion due to the Covid health crisis, Veev Com was able to stay the course, advising us and adapting in terms of communication. A big thank-you. Long live this PR team!

Ting Bang