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Aguamadera presents « Las historias que han dejado »

The duo was formed in 2015 when Marco Grancelli and María Cabral met in Buenos Aires, in the choir Cuerdo Vocales. Soon after, they realized that they both shared the same passion for South American folklore and started to perform together on Buenos Aires stages. In 2017, they recorded their first album, Colocho, and went on a tour around Europe afterward. They threw more than 50 concerts in various countries like Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. Since they had such an enriching experience with the tour, they decided to settle in southwest France, where they not only felt warmly welcomed but also found a great place to take appreciation of the stimulating cultural European’s scenario. In 2018, they recorded their second album called La campana, which mainly focuses on them as a vocal duo, with guitar, cuatro, and Venezuelan maracas. Also, within the same year, they performed at multiple renowned festivals, such as Río Loco (Toulouse), Les Méridiennes (Tours), Les Suds (Arles), Borgo Sonoro (Italy), and Szolnay (Hungary), and participated in radio broadcasts like Ocora Couleurs du Monde (France Musique). Furthermore, Aguamadera is also keen on collaborating with fellow artists, and one of them is “Las Hermanas Caronni”. Together, they have recorded a co-written composition and shared stages multiple times. In this opportunity, with their new album Las historias que han dejado (the stories they left behind), the duo features compositions inspired by multiple genres, such as the Argentine chacarera, zamba or huayno, Venezuelan joropo, merengue, gaita zuliana, and Peruvian waltz, with the incorporation of the bass and percussion. The album was recorded in Buenos Aires under the artistic direction of Elizabeth Morris (two-times winner of the International Festival of Viña del Mar), and the collaboration of great South-American artists like the singers Raly Barrionuevo and Marta Gómez. Moreover, in their upcoming concerts, Aguamadera will be playing as a quartet, thanks to the participation of Julien Rieu de Pey on electric bass, and Vanesa Garcia on percussion. Las historias que han dejado will be available on digital platforms on January 7th, 2022. Whereas, its physical format will be released on January 21st, with the distribution of Quart de Lune/ UVM Distribution. Additionally, the duo will be hosted at The Parisian festival AU FIL DES VOIX at Paris Music Factory on February 16th, 2022.
2 December 2021

Black Flower presents “Magma”

Five-piece hybrid jazz outfit Black Flower are set to release new album ‘Magma’ on the 28th January 2022 via the groove-obsessed Belgian label, Sdban Ultra. Piloted by Brussels-based saxophonist/flutist/composer Nathan Daems (Echoes of Zoo, Dijf Sanders), the quintet is a vibrant, hypnotic mix of Ethio jazz, afrobeat, psychedelia and oriental influences, inspired by Mulatu Astatke, Fela Kuti and varied western musical traditions. Black Flower is a band at the peak of their creative powers. Having received glowing praise for the 2019 album ‘Future Flora’ from Mojo, Songlines, BBC Radio 6 Music’s Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio 3’s Music Planet, Worldwide FM and Jazz FM among others, forthcoming album ‘Magma’ sees Black Flower embrace new synth and organ sounds from the band’s most recent recruit, Karel Cuelenaere. His influence can be heard from the outset – his keys adding a swirling, mischievousness to album opener and title track ‘Magma’. Elsewhere, the shuffling drum patterns and flighty, flute-propelled ‘O Fogo’ are rich in texture and flow. Driving rhythms and Eastern influenced melodies serve as a rich source of pleasure that, like magma, become real and solid when finding its way to the surface. It’s the perfect metaphor for this album’s creational process. The pulsating, trance-inducing ‘Deep Dive Down’ continues the joyous process while singer-songwriter Meskerem Mees (winner of The Montreux Jazz Talent Award 2021) adds, her clear-as-spring-water vocals to the celestial ‘Morning in the Jungle’. With the much-trusted Frederik Segers on production and London-based visual virtuoso Raimund Wong (Total Refreshment Centre) on artwork duties, it all adds up to the psychedelic and exploratory identity of the band and are key elements that helped ‘Magma’ in its ascension from deep down up to the surface. A creative process solidified into vinyl, just as magma into rock. Fellow musicians and spiritual henchmen are Jon Birdsong (dEUS, Beck, Calexico) on cornet, Simon Segers (Absynthe Minded, De Beren Gieren, MDCIII) at the drums, Filip Vandebril (Lady Linn, The Valerie Solanas) at the bass and Karel Cuelenaere (John Ghost) on keys.
29 November 2021

Diana H.P. présente « Fazer e cantar »

Diana H.P. will unveil her new album « Fazer e cantar » on her release December 3, 2021 on Z Production / Inouïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Tuesday February 1, 2022 at Hasard Ludique (Paris). The third album from Brazilian singer- songwriter Diana H.P., Fazer e Cantar, draws on the progressive energy of music from the 1960's to 1980's to give us a look into a groovy, sensual and spiritual musical future. JazzBastards, her brilliant accompanying musicians and producers, are the ideal band for this retro-futuristic exploration.  Diana H.P. is the heir to the revolution that took place in the early 1970s in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, a state in southeastern Brazil. It took its code name Clube da Esquina, (the Corner Club) from the title of the song and history-making album by Milton Nascimento and the creative exchange that flowed throughout the group of enlightened artists around him. The musicians and poets who made up the Clube da Esquina fused their virtuosity by drawing inspiration from the dauntless genius of jazz reformers, psychedelic rock and the Beatles' White Album, as well as from regional and national musical traditions. It is an album that resonated among great international musicians such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Earth Wind & Fire and opened up a window into a future of boldness and freedom in Brazil while the country was mired in the shackles of the military dictatorship. With Fazer e Cantar, Diana has found her place and she avows it. Taking the moniker Diana H.P., she is an amplified version of herself, true to the values of her past yet ready to take on the challenges of the present in order to build a healthier and happier future. Just like the Clube da Esquina artists in their time, Diana H.P. relies on her imagination to overcome the dangers of her times. Doing and Singing, because if you stop dreaming, life gets stripped down, and Diana H.P. tirelessly sings and will make you sing.
19 November 2021

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Skillful at building trust-based relationships with artists and known in the media for her seriousness, her follow-through and her sense of initiative, Sèverine Berger is an elegant partner, one who effectivelyrelays our projects on to the world.

Buda Musique

Veevcom provides quality service, with real follow-up and a weekly report. Besides their personable rapport, Séverine and her team’s work is efficient and dynamic. We recommend their services!

RFI Talent

We worked with Veev Com for the first time for the band Sociedade Recreativa, and we are delighted with our work together, which completely exceeded our expectations! A serious, personable team that passionately follows your projects for terribly effective results, all with simplicity and generosity! I recommend them!

Jarring Effects Label

Impeccable support and complete involvement in the projects. From defining in advance the best strategy to adopt through to the exhaustive weekly reporting over the course of the collaboration, Sèverine and her cohorts very quickly bonded with the La Curieuse team. Trust, professionalism, friendliness: we’ll sign on again!

La Curieuse

First collaboration with Sèverine and the Veev Com agency for the album XOGO by the band Radio Tutti & Barilla Sisters.
Professionalism and responsiveness right from the outset.
Very good targeting and results on international radio and media broadcasts, and very good returns on outlying national radio stations.
Daily tracking to monitor the promotion of the band, with real-time updates on all broadcasts and any comments about the band.
Excellent relationship with the band members for arranging interviews and promo planning.
A real pleasure working with such an attentive and efficient team.


We have hired Veev Com to do the promotion for the latest Black Flower album. It was the first time we worked together. Sèverine and her team are very passionate and have provided new perspectives. We are very happy with the results achieved. Highly recommended!

Sdban Records

Aribo Productions is very satisfied with the results obtained by Veev Com on the promotion of Medicine Man Orchestra’s debut album. Séverine Berger conducts her business with great professionalism. A few adjectives to describe her work: serious, responsive, adaptable and efficient! I recommend her services!

Aribo Productions

The Veev Com team has worked alongside the Capsul Collectif on the release of the most recent album by the Collective’s latest band, the Electric Vocuhila. Thanks to Veev Com‘s work, the record has gained a lot of meaningful press at national and international level, which has resulted in the promotion and dissemination of the group’s on-stage performances in France and Europe. We have received regular updates on the promotional work carried out by the team. We hope to be able to renew this collaboration quickly.

Capsul Collectif

Veev Com brilliantly handled the promotion of the Virginia Rodrigues concert in May 2016. Personal treatment with lots of communication and professionalism. And of course, the result!
Apart from promoting the concert, Veev Com worked on the promotion of the album “Mama Kalunga,” resulting in playlists and articles in the press.

Helico Music

Working together with VEEV COM was extremely productive and rewarding. Séverine and her staff pull off the daunting feat of simultaneously promoting the release of two albums on our label plus a concert event date: thoroughness, assertiveness, professionalismare just a few of VEEV COM’s best qualities, not to mention insightful weekly reporting and outstanding record-keeping. Lovely meeting up again and lovely synergy!

Label Hirustica

We worked with Sèverine for the first time on the release of the album Mediterranean Quartet. It was a very pleasant experience, in addition to the competence of Severine and her team.

We had full, timely reports as well as smooth and professional communication.

Veev Com is clearly an excellent partner when it comes to promoting music.


Thanks to Veev Com and Sèverine Berger for their investment and their serious, thorough work. Not only where their dealings with the press a resounding success, we also got to make the most of their expansive professional network, their connections, follow-up, interest and very constructive remarks throughout the development of our project. Thank you, in affection and affinity, Simon Chenet for KOMASI


Support tailored to my project. Right from the first listening of the music, in Sèverine’s proposal to collaborate on the mission with the Vlad label, in the way my wishes were heeded and supported, in the almost daily and super-organized follow-up, in the quality of her network and their knowledgeability, I was enthralled by the seriousness and efficiency of Veev Com.

Thank you for your work and again, well done on the FIP selection, which brilliantly concludes our collaboration with Vlad Production and Inouïe Distribution.

Clément Oury

I am delighted to have been accompanied by Veev Com for the release of my debut album “Spiralis”. Thank you Sèverine Berger, from the bottom of my heart, for your professionalism, responsibility and advice. If an impeccable press officer is what you want, just call Sèverine 🙂

Pao Barreto

Sèverine Berger and the core members of her team really know how to deliver on the work done by the artists in their catalogue. By focusing on their various, rigorously-controlled networks, they provide a sounding board for each of the worlds they operate in. Their instructive promotional support and feedback make it possible for anyone hiring them to evolve in a reassuring setting as far as the goals laid out.

Edgar Sekloka

It was nice to be accompanied by Veev Com for « How Near How Far ». Sèverine Berger is a true professional and it was an immense pleasure working with her. My team and I would like to express our profound gratitude to her here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big kisses and musical affections.

Etienne Mbappé

We worked with Veev Com for the release of Amando Risueño’s album “El canto del Viento”. It was a great collaboration: professional, rigorous and whole-hearted. During the health care crisis, a particularly complicated time for an album release, Sèverine Berger has always listened, given good advice and responded. A big thank-you!

Nuevo Mundo

Our collaboration with the Veev Com team, under the leadership of Sèverine Berger, has been very positive. Her targets met ours and, during a particularly grueling time for promotion due to the Covid health crisis, Veev Com was able to stay the course, advising us and adapting in terms of communication. A big thank-you. Long live this PR team!

Ting Bang