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PACO EL LOBO & SANGITANANDA present “Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos. Vol.1”

Paco el Lobo will unveil their new album Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos on its release April 19, 2024, on Buda Musique / Socadisc. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday June 05, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). This first volume of Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos is an important event. On one hand because it is the first project of this order, in Spain as in France, for a quarter of a century. On the other hand, and above all, because it is undertaken, not without courage, by two French musicians, Sangitananda and Paco el Lobo. No one better than the latter could face such a challenge, after half a century of learning and professional practice of cante punctuated by four albums. There are few cantaores, Andalusian, Spanish or not, whose flamenco memory goes back to Pepe de la Matrona, Rafael Romero and Juan Varea (among others), from whom he received the magisterium and with whom he shared the stage. Even rarer are those who have managed to blend into a personal style the legacy of these masters and the subsequent innovations of Enrique Morente above all, but also of Camarón de la Isla or the last two generations of Jerez’s artists for whom, according to their age, he is a "primo" or a "tito" of reference. This first volume demonstrates that, contrary to a widespread prejudice, there are no “small” and “large” cantes, as long as they are all interpreted with respect and musicality. Revising your classics, discovering the richness of the cante repertoire or simply enjoying a beautiful musical work, aficionados and music lovers will find ample material to nourish their passion. We are waiting for the next volumes... (Claude Worms) Guests: Juan Manuel Cortes (palmas and percussions) Médéric Collignon (trompet) Édouard Coquard (bass) Cristina Rodríguez de Tovar (back vocals) Dani Bonilla (palmas and back vocals) Tracklist: 1. Mi niña Churri (Bambera) 2. Oye mi voz (Colombiana) 3. Agua pa’l molino (Bulería de Jerez) 4. El Rey de los cielos (Campanilleros) 5. Duros como el acero (Cartagenera) 6. Muero por ti (Alegrías) 7. Reinando (Malagueña de Chacón y jabera) 8. Perdí mi centro (Soleá de la Serneta y Álcala) 9. Corté una rosa (Liviana y serrana) 10.Árbol del paraíso (Toná) 11.Flores del campo (Tangos extremeños) 12.Una farruca lloraba (Farruca)
12 April 2024

BOWA presents « MVT »

BOWA will unveil his new EP "MVT" on its release April 26, 2024, on Mélorion/ InOuïe Distribution. His single 'Tousel a dé' will be available on all platforms on 5 April 2024. Maher Beauroy transcends borders to offer a unique sonic experience under the captivating name of BOWA. By creating a shimmering and superheroic alter ego, singer and composer Maher Beauroy unveils a supersonic journey to an island not found on any map, but beneath the surface is connected to all insularities, all encounters, all rhythms. BOWA's Caribbean electro music exudes corrosive virtuosity with irresistible melodies. Maher Beauroy proves with this project that he knows how to flourish in other playgrounds than that of instrumental jazz. Presentation of MVT : BOWA, hailing from Martinique, announces with emotion the release of his EP 'MVT'. Comprised of 5 captivating tracks, this opus skillfully blends influences from Caribbean music, pop, and electro, offering an innovative musical experience that explores the decline of love with personal depth. Preceded by the singles '20 Ans' and 'Tousel A Dé' the EP 'MVT' raises the bar even further. BOWA offers a collection of carefully crafted tracks that immerse listeners in a unique sonic journey. The title 'MVT' is an abbreviation of the Creole expression 'Mové Tan' which translates to 'Bad Weather' in English. For BOWA, this 'Bad Weather' symbolizes the emotional decline of his greatest love story. As a Martinican artist, he infuses his music with his life experiences, blending the entrancing rhythms of Caribbean music with elements of pop and electro. Within the EP, we find a cover of an iconic hit from the 90s for a whole generation of Caribbean people: "20 Ans" by the group Theorem'. Here, zouk has given way to an electro batucada, filled with 808s and melancholic synths. THE ARTIST'S WORDS "Each song of 'MVT' is a page from my personal story, a testimony of the 'MoVé Tan' of love and loss. Caribbean music, pop, and electro are powerful languages that have allowed me to narrate this story authentically. My previous singles were the first steps of this journey, and this EP is its natural continuation." BOWA
27 March 2024

Auster Loo Collective presents « Auster Loo Collective »

Auster Loo Collective will unveil their new album "Auster Loo Collective" on its release April 26, 2024, on Igloo Records / Socadisc. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday May 22, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Auster Loo Collective is bringing a breath of fresh air into Belgium's acoustic music scene. The band features top-notch Belgian musicians. Within the collective, they take up the challenge of putting their backgrounds at the service of a new musical language. Under the artistic direction of Simon Leleux, they set off in search of uncharted territories. A multi-talented and versatile explorer, Simon Leleux has been developing singular sound projects for a number of years, trying to find the right link between the sensitive imprint of a personal journey and that of existing music of surprising diversity. Auster Loo Collective is composed of: - Simon Leleux: percussion and composition - Lydie Thonnard: flutes and vocals - Shahab Azinmehr: setar and vocals - Bao Sissoko: kora and vocals - Aki Sato: koto, shamisen and vocals - Vincent Noiret: double bass - Célestin Massot: piano The album: The album is the result of a unique alchemy between exploration and the creation of sound bridges. Poignant, dreamlike melodies alternate with rhythmic, high-energy compositions. Each musician adds his or her own unique touch, creating an original sound that blends the distinctive subtlety of the koto with the playful melodies of the West African kora, piano and double bass, flute and Iranian setar, percussion and vocals. The album is a story in eight chapters that reflects the encounter of eight musicians from different parts of the world, deeply infused in a particular musical culture. Drawing on these deep roots, they have created original and unique compositions, guided by a free spirit that embraces each one's uniqueness. Poignant, dreamlike melodies alternate with rhythmic, high-energy compositions on this album, to be released in April 2024 by Igloo Records. Auster Loo was originally a duo featuring Simon Leleux, a specialist in finger percussion (doholla, bendir) and flutist Lydie Thonnard (flutes, vocals). Their shared passion for rhythm and improvisation was inspired by their encounters with musicians from all horizons. Auster Loo Collective is the continuity of these encounters. With the release of this album Auster Loo unfolds a whole new chapter of its existence.
27 March 2024

Kyab Yul-Sa presents « Murmures d’Himalaya »

Kyab Yul-Sa trio, winners of the Prix des Musiques d'Ici 2021, will unveil their new album "Murmures d'Himalaya" on its release April 26, 2024, on Nangma Prod / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday May 23, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Their first single 'Gangkar' will be available on all platforms on March 15 2024. Created in 2015 by Tibetan artist Lobsang Chonzor (vocals, Tibetan dranyen lute, gyumang tympanum), the beating heart of this unique ensemble, the Kyab Yul-Sa trio draws its identity from traditional Tibetan music. Both a singer and a musician, Lobsang Chonzor has been exploring traditional secular and religious Tibetan repertoires for over twenty years. In his solo performances, he introduces the public to this genre, while revealing impeccable technical mastery and astonishing artistic modernity. Kyab Yul-Sa is a musical trio born in 2015 and composed of: - Lobsang Chonzor: voice, Tibetan dranyen lute, tympanon gyumang - Margaux Liénard: violin, hardanger d'amore, bouzouki - Julien Layahe: zarb, tombak, and other percussion instruments. The album: Murmures d'Himalaya is first and foremost an escape, a journey into faraway lands: landscapes that are sometimes mysterious, sometimes captivating or contemplative, evoked by melodies and rhythms from elsewhere, but also by videos and visual material to support the musical message. Murmures d'Himalaya is an opportunity to discover Tibetan culture with Lobsang Chonzor, and to open a door to other horizons with Margaux Liénard and Julien Lahaye. The musical and visual heritages of the 3 artists reflect a spellbinding universe that is transcended by the universality of the music and the contemporary nature of the compositions. The trio: In Kyab Yul-Sa, Lobsang Chonzor joins forces with 2 musical exiles who have appropriated music from 'elsewhere' (Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Iran). Together, they transcend the foundations of traditional Tibetan music, bringing new arrangements inspired by musical languages that respond to and enrich each other. In their common land of music, the musicians offer the Tibetan tradition a musical revival with a unique blend of timbres.
27 March 2024

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Skillful at building trust-based relationships with artists and known in the media for her seriousness, her follow-through and her sense of initiative, Sèverine Berger is an elegant partner, one who effectivelyrelays our projects on to the world.

Buda Musique

Veevcom provides quality service, with real follow-up and a weekly report. Besides their personable rapport, Séverine and her team’s work is efficient and dynamic. We recommend their services!

RFI Talent

We have been so delighted to work with Sèverine Berger and Veev Com productions for press and marketing for our last 2 albums. Severine has been absolutely amazing, incredibly thorough, and an all-around delight to work with. We cannot say enough about her marvelous work and recommend her with tremendous enthusiasm!

David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg

We worked with Veev Com for the first time for the band Sociedade Recreativa, and we are delighted with our work together, which completely exceeded our expectations! A serious, personable team that passionately follows your projects for terribly effective results, all with simplicity and generosity! I recommend them!

Jarring Effects Label

Impeccable support and complete involvement in the projects. From defining in advance the best strategy to adopt through to the exhaustive weekly reporting over the course of the collaboration, Sèverine and her cohorts very quickly bonded with the La Curieuse team. Trust, professionalism, friendliness: we’ll sign on again!

La Curieuse

First collaboration with Sèverine and the Veev Com agency for the album XOGO by the band Radio Tutti & Barilla Sisters.
Professionalism and responsiveness right from the outset.
Very good targeting and results on international radio and media broadcasts, and very good returns on outlying national radio stations.
Daily tracking to monitor the promotion of the band, with real-time updates on all broadcasts and any comments about the band.
Excellent relationship with the band members for arranging interviews and promo planning.
A real pleasure working with such an attentive and efficient team.


We have hired Veev Com to do the promotion for the latest Black Flower album. It was the first time we worked together. Sèverine and her team are very passionate and have provided new perspectives. We are very happy with the results achieved. Highly recommended!

Sdban Records

Aribo Productions is very satisfied with the results obtained by Veev Com on the promotion of Medicine Man Orchestra’s debut album. Séverine Berger conducts her business with great professionalism. A few adjectives to describe her work: serious, responsive, adaptable and efficient! I recommend her services!

Aribo Productions

The Veev Com team has worked alongside the Capsul Collectif on the release of the most recent album by the Collective’s latest band, the Electric Vocuhila. Thanks to Veev Com‘s work, the record has gained a lot of meaningful press at national and international level, which has resulted in the promotion and dissemination of the group’s on-stage performances in France and Europe. We have received regular updates on the promotional work carried out by the team. We hope to be able to renew this collaboration quickly.

Capsul Collectif

Veev Com brilliantly handled the promotion of the Virginia Rodrigues concert in May 2016. Personal treatment with lots of communication and professionalism. And of course, the result!
Apart from promoting the concert, Veev Com worked on the promotion of the album “Mama Kalunga,” resulting in playlists and articles in the press.

Helico Music

Working together with VEEV COM was extremely productive and rewarding. Séverine and her staff pull off the daunting feat of simultaneously promoting the release of two albums on our label plus a concert event date: thoroughness, assertiveness, professionalismare just a few of VEEV COM’s best qualities, not to mention insightful weekly reporting and outstanding record-keeping. Lovely meeting up again and lovely synergy!

Label Hirustica

Sèverine from Veev Com was my press officer on the launch of my album Karishina.
She is highly professional and very responsive. At every stage, she always made her presence felt. That made me feel confident and in safe hands the whole time. And as far as results in the press, they went above and beyond my expectations.
In human terms, I have no words… I gained a true friend.
Thank you very much for your support; it has been crucial to our project. Long live Veev Com.

Helena Recalde

Support tailored to my project. Right from the first listening of the music, in Sèverine’s proposal to collaborate on the mission with the Vlad label, in the way my wishes were heeded and supported, in the almost daily and super-organized follow-up, in the quality of her network and their knowledgeability, I was enthralled by the seriousness and efficiency of Veev Com.

Thank you for your work and again, well done on the FIP selection, which brilliantly concludes our collaboration with Vlad Production and Inouïe Distribution.

Clément Oury

I am delighted to have been accompanied by Veev Com for the release of my debut album “Spiralis”. Thank you Sèverine Berger, from the bottom of my heart, for your professionalism, responsibility and advice. If an impeccable press officer is what you want, just call Sèverine 🙂

Pao Barreto

Sèverine Berger and the core members of her team really know how to deliver on the work done by the artists in their catalogue. By focusing on their various, rigorously-controlled networks, they provide a sounding board for each of the worlds they operate in. Their instructive promotional support and feedback make it possible for anyone hiring them to evolve in a reassuring setting as far as the goals laid out.

Edgar Sekloka

It was nice to be accompanied by Veev Com for « How Near How Far ». Sèverine Berger is a true professional and it was an immense pleasure working with her. My team and I would like to express our profound gratitude to her here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big kisses and musical affections.

Etienne Mbappé

We worked with Veev Com for the release of Amando Risueño’s album “El canto del Viento”. It was a great collaboration: professional, rigorous and whole-hearted. During the health care crisis, a particularly complicated time for an album release, Sèverine Berger has always listened, given good advice and responded. A big thank-you!

Nuevo Mundo

Our collaboration with the Veev Com team, under the leadership of Sèverine Berger, has been very positive. Her targets met ours and, during a particularly grueling time for promotion due to the Covid health crisis, Veev Com was able to stay the course, advising us and adapting in terms of communication. A big thank-you. Long live this PR team!

Ting Bang