Paco el Lobo will unveil their new album Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos on its release April 19, 2024, on Buda Musique. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday June 05, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris).

This first volume of Memoria de los Cantes Flamencos is an important event. On one hand because it is the first project of this order, in Spain as in France, for a quarter of a century. On the other hand, and above all, because it is undertaken, not without courage, by two French musicians, Sangitananda and Paco el Lobo. No one better than the latter could face such a challenge, after half a century of learning and professional practice of cante punctuated by four albums. There are few cantaores, Andalusian, Spanish or not, whose flamenco memory goes back to Pepe de la Matrona, Rafael Romero and Juan Varea (among others), from whom he received the magisterium and with whom he shared the stage. Even rarer are those who have managed to blend into a personal style the legacy of these masters and the subsequent innovations of Enrique Morente above all, but also of Camarón de la Isla or the last two generations of Jerez’s artists for whom, according to their age, he is a “primo” or a “tito” of reference.
This first volume demonstrates that, contrary to a widespread prejudice, there are no “small” and “large” cantes, as long as they are all interpreted with respect and musicality. Revising your classics, discovering the richness of the cante repertoire or simply enjoying a beautiful musical work, aficionados and music lovers will find ample material to nourish their passion. We are waiting for the next volumes… (Claude Worms)

Juan Manuel Cortes (palmas and percussions)
Médéric Collignon (trompet)
Édouard Coquard (bass)
Cristina Rodríguez de Tovar (back vocals)
Dani Bonilla (palmas and back vocals)

1. Mi niña Churri (Bambera)
2. Oye mi voz (Colombiana)
3. Agua pa’l molino (Bulería de Jerez)
4. El Rey de los cielos (Campanilleros)
5. Duros como el acero (Cartagenera)
6. Muero por ti (Alegrías)
7. Reinando (Malagueña de Chacón y jabera)
8. Perdí mi centro (Soleá de la Serneta y Álcala)
9. Corté una rosa (Liviana y serrana)
10.Árbol del paraíso (Toná)
11.Flores del campo (Tangos extremeños)
12.Una farruca lloraba (Farruca)