Auster Loo Collective will unveil their new album “Auster Loo Collective” on its release April 26, 2024, on Igloo Records / Socadisc. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday May 22, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris).

Auster Loo Collective is bringing a breath of fresh air into Belgium’s acoustic music scene. The band features top-notch Belgian musicians. Within the collective, they take up the challenge of putting their backgrounds at the service of a new musical language. Under the artistic direction of Simon Leleux, they set off in search of uncharted territories. A multi-talented and versatile explorer, Simon Leleux has been developing singular sound projects for a number of years, trying to find the right link between the sensitive imprint of a personal journey and that of existing music of surprising diversity.

Auster Loo Collective is composed of:
Simon Leleux: percussion and composition
Lydie Thonnard: flutes and vocals
Shahab Azinmehr: setar and vocals
Bao Sissoko: kora and vocals
Aki Sato: koto, shamisen and vocals
Vincent Noiret: double bass
Célestin Massot: piano

The album:

The album is the result of a unique alchemy between exploration and the creation of sound bridges. Poignant, dreamlike melodies alternate with rhythmic, high-energy compositions. Each musician adds his or her own unique touch, creating an original sound
that blends the distinctive subtlety of the koto with the playful melodies of the West African kora, piano and double bass, flute and Iranian setar, percussion and vocals.

The album is a story in eight chapters that reflects the encounter of eight musicians from
different parts of the world, deeply infused in a particular musical culture. Drawing on these deep roots, they have created original and unique compositions, guided by a free spirit that embraces each one’s uniqueness. Poignant, dreamlike melodies alternate with rhythmic, high-energy compositions on this album, to be released in April 2024 by Igloo Records.

Auster Loo was originally a duo featuring Simon Leleux, a specialist in finger percussion (doholla, bendir) and flutist Lydie Thonnard (flutes, vocals). Their shared passion for rhythm and improvisation was inspired by their encounters with musicians from all horizons. Auster Loo Collective is the continuity of these encounters. With the release of this album Auster Loo unfolds a whole new chapter of its existence.