BOWA will unveil his new EP “MVT” on its release April 26, 2024, on Mélorion/ InOuïe Distribution.

His single ‘Tousel a dé’ will be available on all platforms on 5 April 2024.

Maher Beauroy transcends borders to offer a unique sonic experience under the captivating name of BOWA.
By creating a shimmering and superheroic alter ego, singer and composer Maher Beauroy unveils a supersonic journey to an island not found on any map, but beneath the surface is connected to all insularities, all encounters, all rhythms. BOWA‘s Caribbean electro music exudes corrosive virtuosity with irresistible melodies. Maher Beauroy proves with this project that he knows how to flourish in other playgrounds than that of instrumental jazz.

Presentation of MVT :

BOWA, hailing from Martinique, announces with emotion the release of his EP ‘MVT’. Comprised of 5 captivating tracks, this opus skillfully blends influences from Caribbean music, pop, and electro, offering an innovative musical experience that explores the decline of love with personal depth. Preceded by the singles ’20 Ans’ and ‘Tousel A Dé’ the EP ‘MVT’ raises the bar even
further. BOWA offers a collection of carefully crafted tracks that immerse listeners in a unique sonic journey.

The title ‘MVT’ is an abbreviation of the Creole expression ‘Mové Tan‘ which translates to ‘Bad Weather’ in English. For BOWA, this ‘Bad Weather’ symbolizes the emotional decline of his greatest love story. As a Martinican artist, he infuses his music with his life experiences, blending the entrancing rhythms of Caribbean music with elements of pop and electro.
Within the EP, we find a cover of an iconic hit from the 90s for a whole generation of Caribbean people: “20 Ans” by the group Theorem’. Here, zouk has given way to an electro batucada, filled with 808s and melancholic synths.


“Each song of ‘MVT’ is a page from my personal story, a testimony of the ‘MoVé Tan’ of love and loss. Caribbean music, pop, and electro are powerful languages that have allowed me to narrate this story authentically. My previous singles were the first steps of this journey, and this EP is its natural continuation.”