Grupo Polo Montañez will unveil “Joyas del Guajiro“, their new album, on June 14, 2024 for Lusafrica / Sony. This opus will be presented during September 2024 in Paris at an exceptional launch concert.

After the death of Polo Montañez in 2002, the band remained inactive for some time. The absence of Guajiro Natural was difficult, and they were unable to find a singer capable of carrying on Polo’s musical work in the same spirit. Some band members even decided to leave.

It was in 2008 that they incorporated Yosleny Chirino as a singer, an excellent performer who, with his voice and melody, was able to respect the musical work of the group led by Amaury Romero Borrego.

In 2014, Gladys Pérez, choir and minor percussion, recognised by the public as Polo’s second voice and sometimes soloist, and Pedro Morales the third, returned to the group. Once again, all together, they confirmed their determination to keep Polo Montañez’s musical work alive. From then on, they went on an international tour, playing on a cruise in Sweden and Finland, and at the Festival de la Juventud in Venezuela. They run their Peña Musical at the Casa del Campesino, in the Poblado las Terrazas, where they have their roots, and enjoy the recognition of foreign and domestic tourists who come to this place to enjoy the group and its music.

Every year in June, the Jolgorio Polo Montañez international festival is held in Las Terrazas, celebrating the birth of the natural Guajiro, and the group is the figurehead of the event as guardians of this heritage.

A new album with the Lusafrica label “Joyas del Guajiro” has been recorded in the dBega studios in Havana, featuring ten previously unreleased songs from Polo’s oeuvre, which is now represented by his band with the same heart, showing the world that Polo is still alive through his music.