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Niqolah Seeva présente “3NE”

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Niqolah Seeva dévoilera son nouvel album "3NE", à l'occasion de sa sortie le 23 octobre 2020 chez Vlad / Absilone / Socadisc / Believe.Ce nouvel opus sera présenté le mardi 20 octobre 2020 à 20h30 sur la scène du Studio de l'Ermitage. Langue hybride #Anglarabe, thématique futuriste, harmonie microtonale, instruments orientaux et traitements electro- acoustiques, "3NE" (prononcer “One”) symbolise l'unité dans la multitude.   Musicien explorateur aux inspirations multiples, Niqolah Seeva est constamment en quête d'expériences sonores et de nouvelles vibrations. Avec son instrument inventé en bandoulière (croisement entre un oud et une guitare), il s'est progressivement affranchi de toute forme de contrainte artistique, dans un inexorable exode qui l'a mené du rock'n'roll de ses débuts jusqu'à des territoires aussi divers que le Maghreb, le Moyen-Orient ou encore l'Inde. Toujours en quête de normes à recréer, l'auteur-compositeur est allé jusqu'à inventer une langue, là aussi hybride entre Orient et Occident (mélange d'anglais et d'arabe), pour décrire un univers fantasmé, comme un idéal de confraternité universelle, mais aussi comme un refuge, à bonne distance des pièges qui menacent habituellement le parcours d'un artiste indépendant dans une exploration des musiques du monde. Niqolah est un musicien que la soif d'aventures sonores n'a pas noyé dans des approximations ou des compromissions. En plaçant durablement sa création dans le champ du rêve, il donne à voir un univers singulier et intime, fait à la fois de son histoire personnelle et d'influences voyageuses. Ces influences, il les intègre dans une démarche systématique originale, plus proche de celle d'un peintre que de celle d'un photographe – observant la diversité des hommes sans jamais les traiter comme des objets de curiosité, mais bien comme des pairs.
29 May 2020

Amando Risueño presents « El Canto del viento »

Guitarist-singer, Amando Risueño performs the music of Argentina with poetry and depth. He echoes stories from his country, universal stories, while holding at heart the mystery and emotion of music to come and touch every fiber of the listener's body. Born in 1969 in Buenos Aires, Amando started playing guitar around the age of ten. He got swept away by this budding passion and studied classical guitar at his local Carlos Buchardo National Conservatory of Music. In this world of globalized culture, his curiosity brought him to the electric guitar and other genres such as jazz, blues, rock and pop. At around age thirty, he started questioning his cultural identity and relationship with the music of his country. He then ventured out into the musical repertoire of his hometown, the tango, working on well-known pieces while also uncovering some rare gems. In 2011, he settled in France, a new territory that led him to form a strong bond between music and landscape. Since then, he has gone on to explore more traditional repertoires from various regions of Argentina, such as zambas, vidala, chacarera, stilo, and others. His first solo album, "Tangos de mi Flor" (2013) is devoted entirely to tango. He then recorded "Campo abierto" (2018) where the repertoires of Buenos Aires (tango, waltz) gets crossed with those of inland regions (milonga, zamba, vidala). Amando plays concerts in France and abroad. His recordings and live work enjoy regular support from Spedidam, FCM, Adami, Fonpeps and the Drôme Departmental Council. With "El canto del viento", Amando Risueño takes us into the world of Atahualpa Yupanqui, in homage to both the composer and poet as well as the performer. Atahualpa Yupanqui transcended traditional Argentine music to bequeath onto us his timeless work in music and philosophy. Amando approaches it as a delicate game through a succession of melodies that give full measure to these stories about the women and men of the earth. The wind, moon, sun, mountains, valleys, plains, and animals recur throughout. Between two pieces, Amando speaks about evoking the life of the artist and quotes magnificent texts from the book written by Atahualpa in 1965: « El canto del viento ».  
1 April 2020

Sambuca presents ” Luz “

Sambuca is Roberto Stimoli (7-string guitar) and Irene Amata (vocals). The duet plays Brazilian music, and is very active on the Parisian jazz/world music scene.One voice and one seven-string guitar to reinvent the rhythms of the samba: it is the ambitious goal that Roberto and Irene share, united in their passion for this music from a faraway land, that is nonetheless a part of them. In their repertoire, you will find several bossa novas that have been performed by the greatest artists: thus Sambuca chooses to reinterpret them with a fresh, yet authentic sound. The Portuguese language is truly a part of these melodies, and it is Sambuca’s deliberate choice to use the original lyrics, so as to highlight their importance in the rhythm and feel of the music. It isn’t necessary to understand the meaning of the words: it is the sweet yet powerful sound that catches the ear, captures the attention and opens the senses. One voice and one guitar: yet there is nothing missing. The seven-string guitar carries the bass-line, and the voice is full of rhythm. Both musicians improvise in a playful mood of mutual appreciation. One voice and one guitar fill the space, capturing the audience’s attention. Creating a new way of listening to Brazilian music is Sambuca’s challenge and passion. Sambuca’s first album was recorded in Italy in 2019, its title is « Luz » (Portuguese for ‘light’); it will be released in mai 2020 (with a launching concert on May 13th. in Paris). With Luz, Sambuca offers a reinterpretation of 10 songs (8 Brazilian pieces, 1 Italian song and 1 French song). The arrangements are very personal, new and intriguing. Roberto and Irene utterly transform bossa nova classics with their unique vision and interpretation, yet never betray the original harmonies. And when the duet revisits sambas, the dialogue between voice and guitar enhances their beauty —the voice’s timbre and the audacity of the guitar creating an ideal combination. The material in Luz is a mix of world-famous songs (e.g. Garota de Ipanema, Chega de Saudade de A.C.Jobim/V.Moraes) and tunes by others Brazilian composers that audiences are less familiar with (e.g. Luz negra by N. Cavaquinho, Vera Cruz by M. Nascimento). A wide-ranging repertoire, that shows Roberto and Irene’s passion for the rich and vast Brazilian musical heritage. A repertoire the duet usually performs on stage and have now chosen to record. Improvisation is an essential part of this dialogue between voice and guitar, and reflects Sambuca’s distinctive blend of jazz and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). Two songs on Luz are little tributes. La Javanaise is a tribute to France—Roberto and Irene’s adopted country, where they are building their musical career— and Estate pays hommage to Italy, their homeland.  
24 February 2020

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Skillful at building trust-based relationships with artists and known in the media for her seriousness, her follow-through and her sense of initiative, Sèverine Berger is an elegant partner, one who effectivelyrelays our projects on to the world.

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RFI Talent

We worked with Veev Com for the first time for the band Sociedade Recreativa, and we are delighted with our work together, which completely exceeded our expectations! A serious, personable team that passionately follows your projects for terribly effective results, all with simplicity and generosity! I recommend them!

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Impeccable support and complete involvement in the projects. From defining in advance the best strategy to adopt through to the exhaustive weekly reporting over the course of the collaboration, Sèverine and her cohorts very quickly bonded with the La Curieuse team. Trust, professionalism, friendliness: we’ll sign on again!

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Sèverine is a highly-motivated, involved, passionate and thoughtful person who does professional, serious and efficient work. What’s more, Sèverine is very kind, genuine and always positive. The follow-up on the dossier has been perfect at all stages of the project. Key words for Veev Com: seriousness, thoroughness, professionalism, efficiency, skillfulness, recognition and kindness. We will be delighted to work with Sèverine again on future projects. A lovely encounter! Y muchísimas gracias por todo !!!! 

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Veev Com brilliantly handled the promotion of the Virginia Rodrigues concert in May 2016. Personal treatment with lots of communication and professionalism. And of course, the result!
Apart from promoting the concert, Veev Com worked on the promotion of the album “Mama Kalunga,” resulting in playlists and articles in the press.

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We worked with Sèverine for the first time on the release of the album Mediterranean Quartet. It was a very pleasant experience, in addition to the competence of Severine and her team.

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Veev Com is clearly an excellent partner when it comes to promoting music.


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Edgar Sekloka

It was nice to be accompanied by Veev Com for « How Near How Far ». Sèverine Berger is a true professional and it was an immense pleasure working with her. My team and I would like to express our profound gratitude to her here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big kisses and musical affections.

Etienne Mbappé

Our collaboration with Veev Com has been really positive. We particularly appreciated the team’s responsiveness and their ability to connect our music to media outlets attuned to our musical style. Several months later, we are still seeing the fruits of their labor, especially on radio broadcasts. We recommend any independent band call on the expertise of Veev Com to provide support in their media promotion.

Collectif Medz Bazar

I am very satisfied with the work done by the Veev Com team during my CD launch. The media coverage went beyond my expectations, and I would like to commend the professionalism and the follow-up done before, during and after the concert. I recommend it 100%!!

Bernard Fines

We first had the pleasure of working with Sèverine and her whole Veev Com team on the promotion of our album “Moon Palace”!

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The album’s world jazz aesthetic called for a press officer who knew this world well.

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Yeliz Trio