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Pao Barreto presents “Spiralis”

Pao Barreto will unveil her new album "Spiralis" on its release April 9, 2021 on El Clan Records / Inouïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Friday September 24, 2021 at the Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). The story begins on December 21st, 2012, a very symbolic day : according to the cosmogony of the Maya who conceived time as a succession of cycles, on that day humanity was meant to disappear. The alignment of the Sun and Earth at the centre of the galaxy marked the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. At that same moment, the young Pao, then a fashion designer in Bogota, leaves her homeland, determined to fully embrace her vocation : music. She decides to set up in Paris to resume her musical studies. During 3 years, she studies the basics of traditional percussion with Paul Mindy in a Parisian academy of music, as well as a degree of ethnomusicology at Paris VIII University. At the same time, she joins several latin bands and begins her career as a singer, exploring different styles : Cuban music with La Cubanerie and Who’s the Cuban, orchestral cumbia with Cumbia Ya !, traditional colombian carribean rhythms with Cumbia y Cardón. She also collaborates with The Bongo Hop, with whom she records the song Nos Coge la Tarde. On stage, Pao shines and radiates. As concerts go by, the Parisian audiences quickly get addicted to her powerful energy and her warm tone of voice. After six intense years of touring on French and international stages, the journey of Pao reaches a turning point. In March 2020, she produces Spiralis, her first album as a singer and songwriter. The album is recorded between Paris (with El Speaker and Nicolas Vair) and the Groove Studios in Bogota (with Nicolás Cajamarca, Jorge Corredor and 2018 Latin Grammy Harbey Marin). Spiralis, the spiral, symbolizes the cycles of life, the endless renewal of vital energy. In fact, Pao has been familiar with this symbol for a long time : long before arriving in France, she had several experiences of exploring her inner world with yagé, a medicinal beverage from the pre-Columbian people of Putumayo. During night-time ceremonies led by the taitas (shamans), the plant would always reveal to her those sacred geometrical figures. With Spiralis, Pao shares with us two faces of her artistic world : warm, joyful and lively on one side ; mystical and introverted on the other. Her compositions are influenced by many genres : caribbean rhythms (bullerengue, champeta, cumbia) intertwine with electronic sounds, alongside touches of soul, funk and reggae. The lyrics -both in Spanish and French- obviously have to do with the cyclical rhythm of the universe, but also invites us to reconnect with nature and celebrate the capacity we all have to transform ourselves.  Spiralis will be launched in April 2021. Whether you choose to discover the album with eyes closed in meditative listening, or to let yourself go into a joyful trance... you will be carried away by a transcendental spiral. So let's all be there to continue writing the story with Pao !
18 February 2021

Lalala Napoli present “Cavalluccio” at the Studio de l’Ermitage

Lalala Napoli will unveil their new album "Cavalluccio" on its release March 5, 2021 on La Curieuse / L’Autre Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday Octobre 20, 2021 at the Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). For 10 years Lalala Napoli has been imaginatively exploring its Italian roots through the fanta- sized Naples of François Castiello, singer and accordionist in Bratsch. With Cavalluccio, Lalala Napoli’s third album, the group has chosen a new steed to probe the depths of trance, from the galloping tarantella to the ritual parades of ancient Neapolitan techno music. The chorus generously shouts its hymns to freedom and brotherhood; and Rossini himself is invited to a show where love serenades, operas, tamuriatas and Calabrian cavalcades collide and are trans- formed into a new traditional sound. Joyful and wild, picaresque and rough, like the overflow of an immense heart, Lalala Napoli offers an acoustic and electric event to take us beyond Italy, from the mists of time to tomorrow! A mix of rage and sweetness, this third album of Lalala Napoli is partly inspired by a memorable concert given in Allessandria del Caretto (Calabria) in the summer of 2018: 3 days of celebration, love, sun and freedom. Cavalluccio is a bridge launched towards a musical tradition of the future, confirming the identity and emblematic place of Lalala Napoli within the European musical landscape.
7 December 2020

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Skillful at building trust-based relationships with artists and known in the media for her seriousness, her follow-through and her sense of initiative, Sèverine Berger is an elegant partner, one who effectivelyrelays our projects on to the world.

Buda Musique

Veevcom provides quality service, with real follow-up and a weekly report. Besides their personable rapport, Séverine and her team’s work is efficient and dynamic. We recommend their services!

RFI Talent

We worked with Veev Com for the first time for the band Sociedade Recreativa, and we are delighted with our work together, which completely exceeded our expectations! A serious, personable team that passionately follows your projects for terribly effective results, all with simplicity and generosity! I recommend them!

Jarring Effects Label

Impeccable support and complete involvement in the projects. From defining in advance the best strategy to adopt through to the exhaustive weekly reporting over the course of the collaboration, Sèverine and her cohorts very quickly bonded with the La Curieuse team. Trust, professionalism, friendliness: we’ll sign on again!

La Curieuse

We have hired Veev Com to do the promotion for the latest Black Flower album. It was the first time we worked together. Sèverine and her team are very passionate and have provided new perspectives. We are very happy with the results achieved. Highly recommended!

Sdban Records

For the launch campaign of our album “Le Chat Brel”, Sèverine Berger has done a considerable amount of high-quality work for us. In the highly problematic context of the Covid 19 crisis, she has proven herself to be highly capable at adapting and has minimized the impact of this crisis on our communication. She contacted a multitude of various media outlets (radio, online press, print media, in France and abroad), which led to numerous columns, interviews and radio broadcasts, in addition to some very happy encounters. Ever attentive to our needs and always with a positive outlook, she provided us solid advice on what strategy to adopt during this difficult period and demonstrated unrelenting seriousness when giving us detailed promotional feedback in real time. We are highly satisfied with this collaboration and we unreservedly recommend Veev Com.

AMA Recording

The Veev Com team has worked alongside the Capsul Collectif on the release of the most recent album by the Collective’s latest band, the Electric Vocuhila. Thanks to Veev Com‘s work, the record has gained a lot of meaningful press at national and international level, which has resulted in the promotion and dissemination of the group’s on-stage performances in France and Europe. We have received regular updates on the promotional work carried out by the team. We hope to be able to renew this collaboration quickly.

Capsul Collectif

Veev Com brilliantly handled the promotion of the Virginia Rodrigues concert in May 2016. Personal treatment with lots of communication and professionalism. And of course, the result!
Apart from promoting the concert, Veev Com worked on the promotion of the album “Mama Kalunga,” resulting in playlists and articles in the press.

Helico Music

Working together with VEEV COM was extremely productive and rewarding. Séverine and her staff pull off the daunting feat of simultaneously promoting the release of two albums on our label plus a concert event date: thoroughness, assertiveness, professionalismare just a few of VEEV COM’s best qualities, not to mention insightful weekly reporting and outstanding record-keeping. Lovely meeting up again and lovely synergy!

Label Hirustica

We worked with Sèverine for the first time on the release of the album Mediterranean Quartet. It was a very pleasant experience, in addition to the competence of Severine and her team.

We had full, timely reports as well as smooth and professional communication.

Veev Com is clearly an excellent partner when it comes to promoting music.


Support tailored to my project. Right from the first listening of the music, in Sèverine’s proposal to collaborate on the mission with the Vlad label, in the way my wishes were heeded and supported, in the almost daily and super-organized follow-up, in the quality of her network and their knowledgeability, I was enthralled by the seriousness and efficiency of Veev Com.

Thank you for your work and again, well done on the FIP selection, which brilliantly concludes our collaboration with Vlad Production and Inouïe Distribution.

Clément Oury

Sèverine Berger and the core members of her team really know how to deliver on the work done by the artists in their catalogue. By focusing on their various, rigorously-controlled networks, they provide a sounding board for each of the worlds they operate in. Their instructive promotional support and feedback make it possible for anyone hiring them to evolve in a reassuring setting as far as the goals laid out.

Edgar Sekloka

It was nice to be accompanied by Veev Com for « How Near How Far ». Sèverine Berger is a true professional and it was an immense pleasure working with her. My team and I would like to express our profound gratitude to her here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big kisses and musical affections.

Etienne Mbappé

We worked with Veev Com for the release of Amando Risueño’s album “El canto del Viento”. It was a great collaboration: professional, rigorous and whole-hearted. During the health care crisis, a particularly complicated time for an album release, Sèverine Berger has always listened, given good advice and responded. A big thank-you!

Nuevo Mundo

Our collaboration with the Veev Com team, under the leadership of Sèverine Berger, has been very positive. Her targets met ours and, during a particularly grueling time for promotion due to the Covid health crisis, Veev Com was able to stay the course, advising us and adapting in terms of communication. A big thank-you. Long live this PR team!

Ting Bang

Working with Veev Com, I found absolutely all the qualities and values I was looking for (passion, engagement, seriousness, responsiveness, consideration, experience). I am more than satisfied because the Veev Com agency has experience in the field, and therefore knowledge of its subject. Its team was very responsive and adapted as they guided us over the course of the project despite the current situation involving the Covid-19 health measures. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Veev Com if what you’re looking for is a specialized, reasonably-sized agency that is dedicated to its work and capable of adapting in real, professional, meticulous and serious situations. A lovely encounter and an excellent collaboration, I’d hire them again without a second thought.