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Aguamadera presents « Las historias que han dejado »

The duo was formed in 2015 when Marco Grancelli and María Cabral met in Buenos Aires, in the choir Cuerdo Vocales. Soon after, they realized that they both shared the same passion for South American folklore and started to perform together on Buenos Aires stages. In 2017, they recorded their first album, Colocho, and went on a tour around Europe afterward. They threw more than 50 concerts in various countries like Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. Since they had such an enriching experience with the tour, they decided to settle in southwest France, where they not only felt warmly welcomed but also found a great place to take appreciation of the stimulating cultural European’s scenario. In 2018, they recorded their second album called La campana, which mainly focuses on them as a vocal duo, with guitar, cuatro, and Venezuelan maracas. Also, within the same year, they performed at multiple renowned festivals, such as Río Loco (Toulouse), Les Méridiennes (Tours), Les Suds (Arles), Borgo Sonoro (Italy), and Szolnay (Hungary), and participated in radio broadcasts like Ocora Couleurs du Monde (France Musique). Furthermore, Aguamadera is also keen on collaborating with fellow artists, and one of them is “Las Hermanas Caronni”. Together, they have recorded a co-written composition and shared stages multiple times. In this opportunity, with their new album Las historias que han dejado (the stories they left behind), the duo features compositions inspired by multiple genres, such as the Argentine chacarera, zamba or huayno, Venezuelan joropo, merengue, gaita zuliana, and Peruvian waltz, with the incorporation of the bass and percussion. The album was recorded in Buenos Aires under the artistic direction of Elizabeth Morris (two-times winner of the International Festival of Viña del Mar), and the collaboration of great South-American artists like the singers Raly Barrionuevo and Marta Gómez. Moreover, in their upcoming concerts, Aguamadera will be playing as a quartet, thanks to the participation of Julien Rieu de Pey on electric bass, and Vanesa Garcia on percussion. Las historias que han dejado will be available on digital platforms on January 7th, 2022. Whereas, its physical format will be released on January 21st, with the distribution of Quart de Lune/ UVM Distribution. Additionally, the duo will be hosted at The Parisian festival AU FIL DES VOIX at Paris Music Factory on February 16th, 2022.
2 December 2021

Black Flower presents “Magma”

Five-piece hybrid jazz outfit Black Flower are set to release new album ‘Magma’ on the 28th January 2022 via the groove-obsessed Belgian label, Sdban Ultra. Piloted by Brussels-based saxophonist/flutist/composer Nathan Daems (Echoes of Zoo, Dijf Sanders), the quintet is a vibrant, hypnotic mix of Ethio jazz, afrobeat, psychedelia and oriental influences, inspired by Mulatu Astatke, Fela Kuti and varied western musical traditions. Black Flower is a band at the peak of their creative powers. Having received glowing praise for the 2019 album ‘Future Flora’ from Mojo, Songlines, BBC Radio 6 Music’s Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio 3’s Music Planet, Worldwide FM and Jazz FM among others, forthcoming album ‘Magma’ sees Black Flower embrace new synth and organ sounds from the band’s most recent recruit, Karel Cuelenaere. His influence can be heard from the outset – his keys adding a swirling, mischievousness to album opener and title track ‘Magma’. Elsewhere, the shuffling drum patterns and flighty, flute-propelled ‘O Fogo’ are rich in texture and flow. Driving rhythms and Eastern influenced melodies serve as a rich source of pleasure that, like magma, become real and solid when finding its way to the surface. It’s the perfect metaphor for this album’s creational process. The pulsating, trance-inducing ‘Deep Dive Down’ continues the joyous process while singer-songwriter Meskerem Mees (winner of The Montreux Jazz Talent Award 2021) adds, her clear-as-spring-water vocals to the celestial ‘Morning in the Jungle’. With the much-trusted Frederik Segers on production and London-based visual virtuoso Raimund Wong (Total Refreshment Centre) on artwork duties, it all adds up to the psychedelic and exploratory identity of the band and are key elements that helped ‘Magma’ in its ascension from deep down up to the surface. A creative process solidified into vinyl, just as magma into rock. Fellow musicians and spiritual henchmen are Jon Birdsong (dEUS, Beck, Calexico) on cornet, Simon Segers (Absynthe Minded, De Beren Gieren, MDCIII) at the drums, Filip Vandebril (Lady Linn, The Valerie Solanas) at the bass and Karel Cuelenaere (John Ghost) on keys.
29 November 2021

Diana H.P. présente « Fazer e cantar »

Diana H.P. will unveil her new album « Fazer e cantar » on her release December 3, 2021 on Z Production / Inouïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Tuesday February 1, 2022 at Hasard Ludique (Paris). The third album from Brazilian singer- songwriter Diana H.P., Fazer e Cantar, draws on the progressive energy of music from the 1960's to 1980's to give us a look into a groovy, sensual and spiritual musical future. JazzBastards, her brilliant accompanying musicians and producers, are the ideal band for this retro-futuristic exploration.  Diana H.P. is the heir to the revolution that took place in the early 1970s in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, a state in southeastern Brazil. It took its code name Clube da Esquina, (the Corner Club) from the title of the song and history-making album by Milton Nascimento and the creative exchange that flowed throughout the group of enlightened artists around him. The musicians and poets who made up the Clube da Esquina fused their virtuosity by drawing inspiration from the dauntless genius of jazz reformers, psychedelic rock and the Beatles' White Album, as well as from regional and national musical traditions. It is an album that resonated among great international musicians such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Earth Wind & Fire and opened up a window into a future of boldness and freedom in Brazil while the country was mired in the shackles of the military dictatorship. With Fazer e Cantar, Diana has found her place and she avows it. Taking the moniker Diana H.P., she is an amplified version of herself, true to the values of her past yet ready to take on the challenges of the present in order to build a healthier and happier future. Just like the Clube da Esquina artists in their time, Diana H.P. relies on her imagination to overcome the dangers of her times. Doing and Singing, because if you stop dreaming, life gets stripped down, and Diana H.P. tirelessly sings and will make you sing.
19 November 2021

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis and l’Ensemble en Chordais at La Philarmonie de Paris

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis and his ensemble En Chordais will unveil their album « Exil - Exile » live on stage at La Philarmonie de Paris (Grande Salle Pierre Boulez) on December 11, 2021.  « Exil - Exile » was released in France by Buda Musique / Socadisc on April 19, 2019. Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, composer, ud master, artistic director of En Chordais and one of the most important musicians and scholars in the field of Mediterranean music, was born into a family of exiles. His life experience and his musical research led him to deal with the theme of exile. His music for the homonymous project is an attractive blending of east and west, with a very special musicality as a common denominator. Using a wide range of instruments he has achieved a musical result with a very rich timbre, both sensitive and intelligent. The melodies that make up Exile, deeply rooted in the eastern Mediterranean, nonetheless achieve a form of universality and will certainly touch sensitive listeners around the world. Just as the theme of exile, so painfully lived today on the shores of Asia Minor and Greece cannot but move us because it carries within it an eternal human tragedy. “For those who have lived or are living as exiles in a foreign place, or in their own place, on account of an idea, a belief, or just to earn their daily bread. Exile is the road of return to that home that is more our own; into arms that are more our own.”  Exile is a concert full of the emotions of separation, love, anticipation and hope, transporting the listener to their own personal exile. Music ensemble “En Chordais” “En Chordais” is one of the most internationally acclaimed and exceptional music ensembles specializing in the Greek-Byzantine music and in the traditions of the Mediterranean. Its presence on stage is always accompanied with a wide and unique repertoire mixed with compositions both from the past and the contemporary time maintaining the originality and the timeless of the old as well as the intimacy of the today’s trends. Εn Chordais concerts and discography, have been largely publicized, with enthusiastic reviews to musical magazines, on line articles, presentations, references, interviews, TV and Radio emissions (BBC, Arte, TV 5, Radio CANADA, Liberation, Radio FRANCE, Turkish Radio Television, ABC Radio National Australia, etc).
29 October 2021

“Lamenta”, Xanthoula Dakovanou’s new album

Xanthoula Dakovanou will unveil her new album "Lamenta" on its release November 26, 2021 on Quart de Lune / UVM Distribution. Under the musical artistic direction of the greek singer Xanthoula Dakovanou, principal voice of Lamenta, the creation of this album is inspired from the musical traditions of Epirus, Greece fusioned with post-rock and world jazz elements. Staged by the belgian choreographers of international reputation Koen Augustijnen and Rosalba Torres Guerrero (Siamese Cie), Lamenta is presented at 'La Villette' in Paris (La Nef) the 13th and 14th of December 2021, after having been acclaimed by the press during the Avignon Festival 2021. The music is particularly inspired from the 'Miroloï' traditions of Epirus – songs of lament related to the loss of a beloved. The album starts from the Miroloï in its original form and glides towards more contemporary musical forms, influenced by post-rock and jazz. Sixteen renowned musicians have collaborated for this project, including special guests as the famous french jazzman Magic Malik but also Nikos Filippidis, one of the most acknowledged clarinet players in Greece nowadays. Musicians from the greek traditional scene (Kostas Filippidis-lute, Lefkothea Filippidi-voice, Avgerini Gatsi- voice, Dimitris Brendas-clarinet, Ourania Lampropoulou-santouri, Alexandros Rizopoulos-voice and percussion, Dimitris Katsoulis-violin, Stefanos Filos-violin, Thanassis Tzinas-voice) as well as musicians from the world jazz greek scene : Kleon Andoniou (electric guitar, voice), Antonis Maratos (bass), Panagiotis Katsikiotis 'Tsiko' (drums), Stefanos Filos (violin) and Solis Barkis (percussion) have recorded with Xanthoula Dakovanou for this album. The result is unique : meditative , lamentative and extatic. A spiritual connection between this world and the other side.
20 October 2021

Octantrion presents “II”

Octantrion will unveil their new album "II" on their release October 22, 2021 on Quart de Lune / UVM Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday February 3, 2022 at the Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris). Octantrion's recording history began in 2014 with the eponymous album. This first opus set in stone pieces was made for and by the stage. Following the success of this self-produced album which reached the top of album sales for a while after the band appeared on France 2 (in June 2015, Jean-François Zygel’s programme La Boîte à Musique devoted quite a lot of time to the duet and their emblematic instrument, the nyckelharpa) among others, a remastered and extended edition called 8 including 4 new pieces was released in 2018 by Quart de lune / UVM. The album II (Quart de Lune/ UVM) was conceived in a complete different manner. The theme of the raven was chosen as a symbol of pagan Nordic / Viking cultures and to serve as common thread for this new opus that holds 15 songs among which are 10 original compositions and 5 rearranged traditional Swedish and Icelandic tunes. While the album Octantrion and its variation 8 were showcasing the timbres of the extraordinary instruments played by Eleonore Billy (Swedish nyckelharpa, Norwegian hardingfele) and Gaedic Chambrier (Nordic bass cittern, mandocello, harp-guitar), with a light double bass accompaniment by Jean-Philippe Viret (winner of a victory for music in 2011 and a victory for Jazz in 2020) as well as by some percussions, much denser orchestrations can be found in the album II. Six other musicians took part in the album, and voices and singing can be heard in four pieces. After being acknowledged by great Scandinavian musicians and becoming the French reference of North-inspired music with Octantrion/ 8, the duo devised and produced the album II so as to make it more accessible to the general public. The theme of the raven was chosen as a symbol of pagan Nordic/ Viking cultures and to serve as common thread for the new opus. It holds 15 songs among which are 10 original compositions and 5 rearranged traditional Swedish and Icelandic tunes. Its melodies tick over in your mind and the pieces can be danced on and hummed, and take the listener on an escape journey to a dreamt North, a land of legends.
7 October 2021

Pierre Bensusan presents “Azwan”

Pierre Bensusan will unveil his new album « Azwan » on its release November 12, 2021 on Le Triton / L'Autre Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Saturday January 22, 2022 at Le Triton (Paris), and all over France during 2022. The COVID-19 global pandemic that has ensnared humanity underscores the oneness of our world and our interlocked connectivity. That’s Bensusan’s message and the meaning behind “Azwan,” the award-winning artist’s 15th album that dropped March 13, 2020 in the UK (Nov. 12, 2021 in France). The French-Algerian guitarist-vocalist said, “Along my life’s journey, I have experienced unity off and on, being more or less aware of the impact and influence of every action upon the entire universe. As time goes on, the more I feel connected to all people, animals and universally to the whole of nature. Being that we are all connected, my intention is that every action and behavior contributes, supports and adds value to our interconnectivity, especially through my music. It feels like a nurturing or even a healing process for me and those with whom I share the music.” Voted by Guitar Player magazine readers as Best World Music Guitarist, Bensusan’s music is contemplative, wistful, sublime and prodigiously performed with inspiration rooted in nature. “The concept of ‘Azwan’ came from observing bees, those solar insects working in the darkness together as one, and by observing flocks of birds flying and dancing together as one. It has been an inspiring symbolic representation of the continuum of music. When seeing ‘Azwan’ written, it can evoke a place, a city or a mood, but when hearing it said out loud, it sounds like ‘as one.’ I’ve been contemplating all the music from ‘Azwan’ for years before actually recording it, taking time to allow all the notes to come together as one.” Bensusan is a storyteller, using expressive and lyrical acoustic guitar parlance and ethereal vocalization to allure, transfix and transport. “‘Azwan’ is primarily a solo instrumental album on which the guitar is conceived as an orchestra, delivering melody, bass, chords and counterpoint in the same space. To it, we add some vocal elements and several collaborations with guest musicians,” said Bensusan who has lived in Paris since age four.  Teaching himself to play guitar at age eleven after four years of piano training, Bensusan inked his first record deal when he was 17, winning the Rose d’Or at the Montreux Festival for his 1975 debut album, “Près de Paris.” More recently, he won an Independent Music Award in 2014 for “Encore: Live,” a triple live record. He’s regarded as one of the greatest acoustic guitar players of the 21st century, known for his immense sound vocabulary utilizing hues of world music, new age, jazz, classical, traditional, folk and pop with French, Arabic, Latin and Celtic cultural references. None can be isolated, they represent Pierre’s genuine vocabulary and the best part of our world in its current state, a world sharing itself.
27 September 2021

Cumbia Chicharra presents “El Grito”

Cumbia Chicharra will unveil their new album "El Grito"on its release October 15, 2021 on Discos la Chicharra / Music Box Publishing / L'Autre Distribution.  This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday November 18, 2021 at Hasard Ludique (Paris). Cumbia Chicharra La Cumbia Chicharra clashes with sensuality cumbia, latin american rhythms, urban and current sounds. This band from Marseille mixes its influences without borders. For a tasty and explosive music. The band played over 350 concerts, from France to Chile via Russia, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Croatia, Hungary or Italy, Cumbia Chicharra has thus earned its stripes of major group of the European Latin scene, exporter of tropical and generous groove, purveyor of sweat and chills for dancers. El Grito A vocal chord vibrates, body resonates, and the scream is released, shaking everything in its path. "El Grito" (the scream), Cumbia Chicharra's 4th album, came like this, from the bottom of the heart and at full strength. Like an orgasm, a deliverance, a collective trance or a clamor of resistance... a scream for each stage of life. The 8 musicians and the sound director of the band each have their own influences and their strong characters. Cumbia as an epicenter, and a whole world to amplify the sismic shakes : Caribbean, Andean, Afro-American or oriental music, the love of dance, the taste of dub, rock, and electronics in a trance of percussion.
3 September 2021

Baba Wazo présente “Animal”

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Baba Wazo révèlera son nouvel EP "Animal" à l'occasion de sa sortie le 24 septembre 2021 chez La Belle Électrique / InOuïe Distribution, dont le premier extrait éponyme est d'ores et déjà disponible  sur toutes les plate-formes et dont le clip est à visionner ci-dessous. Baba Wazo est composé de : - Basile Théoleyre : chant, guitare, trompette - Maximilien Helle-Forget : claviers - Benjamin Colin : batterie, percussions participation exceptionnelle de Youssef Boukella (basse) et Zacharie Abraham (contrebasse) Le trio, accompagné d'Emrah Kaptan à la basse, présentera ce dernier opus sur la scène du Studio de L'Ermitage le mardi 19 octobre 2021 à l'occasion d'un concert de lancement exceptionnel. Baba Wazo pourrait être une figure imaginaire sortie de légendes populaires, mi-homme mi-oiseau, qui murmure à l’oreille de qui veut bien l’entendre ses chants mélodieux aux vérités crasses, tout en sous-entendus. A la fois insaisissable et inclassable. Autour de ses trois membres, Baba Wazo, se déploie au- delà des frontières entre chanson, world music, jazz et électro. A l’origine de Baba Wazo il y a un premier projet, Carmen, qui signifie le chant, le poème. Comme une évocation de la tradition incantatoire du ménestrel ou du griot. Entre transe et stance. Fondé par Basile Théoleyre, il nait d’une intuition esthétique où les textes en français viennent se mêler à une musique d’inspiration world. Il s’agit pour lui de retrouver la musicalité de la langue qui suggère plus qu’elle ne décrit, sans se priver pour autant du plaisir du sens. Membre de l’Orchestre National de Barbès depuis 2013, il baigne depuis longtemps dans les musiques du monde, ces musiques dont il ne comprend pas nécessairement les textes mais dont il aime les mélodies et dont il pense pourtant saisir le sens !
8 July 2021

Kandy Guira presents “Nagtaba”

Kandy Guira will unveil her new album "Nagtaba" on its release October 22, 2021 on Que Du Bonheur En Son / Vlad Production / RFI Talents / Inouïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday October 6, 2021 at Petit Bain (Paris).   « Nagtaba means TOGETHER: I wanted to create this album as a call for more solidarity, to come closer, to better understand each other in order to build the future. For me, the woman is the symbol of this Nagtaba album, because it is she who brings together and unites all the differences. This new project is a continuation of the EP Tek La Runda, where I encourage women to take their destiny into their own hands and defend the deeply humanist values of the society of which they are the future. Nagtaba is a positive, feminine, mixed-culture album, the fruit of my inspirations and the many human and artistic encounters that have marked my path. With Nagtaba, I draw on my origins and i bring a more urban approach that also reflects my current life. I have wanted to mix electronic accents with traditional Burkina melodies such as the warba or the wiire to create a unique and vibrant alchemy, at the base of my sound: electro-pop Faso. For Nagtaba, I invited long-time traveling companions and inspired artists by my musical universe, driven by this search for new horizons and musical fusion. We will see Alif Naaba, a compatriot and artist whose commitment I admire, Jowee Omicil in whom I find this taste for interbreeding, African. »
30 June 2021

Ariana Vafadari présente “Anahita” pour une série de concerts estivale

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Ariana Vafadari présente « Anahita » sa dernière création musicale, à l'occasion d'une série de concerts estivale : * le 8 juin à L’ilyade Seyssinet, Seyssinet-Pariset (38) * les 17, 18 et 20 juin au Festival des Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg, Strasbourg (67) : 17 juin : Cathédrale de Strasbourg 18 juin : Collégiale Saint-Thiébaut, Thann 20 juin : Eglise Saint Vincent de Paul, Strasbourg Anahita, est une pièce musicale et onirique, composée et interprétée par Ariana Vafadari sur un livret écrit en collaboration avec Leili Anvar. Ariana, mezzo-soprano sera accompagnée sur scène par Julien Carton (piano), Leila Soldevilla (Contrebasse) et Yacir Rami (Oud). L’enregistrement d’Anahita est paru en CD - Sortie digitale le 6/03, sortie physique le 19/06 (label Quart de Lune / Distribution Idol et UVM).   L’HISTOIRE Une jeune femme rêve du temps où son village était vert, elle se réveille face aux arbres qui meurent et sent son ventre vide. Elle a traversé les déserts et les terres en feu, désespérée elle prie la déesse dont elle porte le nom : Anahita. Cette divinité iranienne des eaux, de la fécondité, de la sagesse, est celle qui accroît les cours d’eau, les peuples et les vivants. Elle est aussi la guérisseuse et celle qui initie à la sagesse. Mais son culte fut oublié et son visage effacé. Aussi les eaux se sont-elles retirées chaque jour davantage du lit des rivières et des sources souterraines, transformant le monde fertile et verdoyant en un désert brûlant. Après un échange mystique avec la déesse, la jeune Anahita part en quête de l’eau d’immortalité, et trouve l’Amour. Imprégnée dans son enfance par la poésie et la philosophie zoroastrienne transmise par son père, Ariana Vafadari, avait à cœur de faire ressurgir les écrits millénaires de Zarathoustra, réunis dans «L’ Avesta», textes empreints de sagesse et de spiritualité, prônant la lumière et la bonté inhérente à l’homme. A travers ces prières adressées à Anahita, la volonté d’Ariana et Leili est de retrouver la place du féminin dans le monde. Entourée de musiciens aux origines culturelles et musicales diverses, certains formés à la musique traditionnelle iranienne, marocaine, d’autres au jazz, à la musique classique occidentale, Ariana Vafadari passe librement d’un univers à l’autre. Les textes sont en persans, en français, en langue Avestique, la langue ancienne des zoroastriens.
8 June 2021