Fives voices, five personalities and memorable songs intense with emotion singing of the many roads women have travelled.

La Mòssa in Italian means movement. In Naples, La Mossa describes the enticing swing movement of the hips ending on a famous final swing, first originated by Nini Tirabouchon in the 1920’s.
La Mòssa is a wide-eyed, inquisitive woman exploring the world around her. Ears and eyes open and awake, ready to capture an inspiring moment of truth, ready to tell the world about her unique moment, ready to sing her experience. In her small handbag she carries, with elegance and with precaution, the songs that have moved her.
La Mòssa laughs and dances with the agility of the tarentella. Songs of haunting memories from times gone by in Italy, in the Limousin, from the Réunion, from Brazil, even from Albania…She shi- vers and shakes with each memory she transmits.
La Mòssa also interprets certain songs sung by men and enjoys looking for other nuances, other interpretations. Playing with these influences, La Mossa intergrates homegrown roots and musical passion. And when La Mossa strikes her tambourines and speaks, you realize that La Mossa is a coherent group of five women, five voices uniquely knitted together by the love of music.