Born as a saxophone / drums duo in Berlin in 2009, Electric Vocuhila has become an
electric quartet in 2011. The band mixes rhythms inspired by several urban African musics
like sébène from Congo, ethio-jazz or tsapiky from Madagascar, to an orchestral
conception from jazz and more precisely from Ornette Coleman’s harmolodic music. On
an obstinate rhythmic base always moving, alternately hypnotic and frantic, their music is
freely built around repeating units. Seeking both melodic succinctness and a kind of
overflow and trance, the quartet is developing long sequences made of dazzling themes,
sinuous phrasing and sharped & explosives riffs.
A cheerful and urgent call to dance!
Electric Vocuhila is part of the Capsul Collectif, located in Tours (FR).


« The audience wouldn’t let Electric Vocuhila go until they’d played four encores of their
spirit-raising African beats. Sometimes
the groove shifted imperceptibly, always keeping the African feel. The band had a
seemingly inexhaustible supply of music that left the audience wanting more and more. »

London Jazz News – Jazzdor Berlin Festival 2016

« […] the strange and cheerful band Electric Vocuhila. Those musicians come from free
jazz and play African music as if it were rock. African music from today, with a preference
for Malagasy tsapiky : electric guitar melodies and mad rhythms, for a kind of trance
music close to the greatest rock.. »               

– Les Inrocks – oct. 2017

« Electric Vocuhila starts with a cheerful calypso (when was the last time we heard this kind
of music on a contemporary jazz stage ?). A guitar, an electric bass, an alto sax and drums
are enough to make everyone dance and forget the late night tiredness […] Through a
celebration of hypnotic black musics from Africa and America […] Electric Vocuhila will
lead an ecstatic audience almost until the end of the night. »
– JazzMagazine – Jazzdor Berlin Festival 2016