In the right line of his brilliant career, he has gone through many kinds of music and lived a lot of experiences and, each time, he did it with sincerity and a great sensibility. Today, he benefits from the recognition of his peers.

He’s been Imany’s artistic director for 2011 and now aims at building and defending his “own” music. Thanks to his first solo album, Basstry Therapy, it is done.

Basstry Therapy: what an evocative title for a music as spiritual as organic! His rich impros nourish the flow of his phrasing, as well as his “coloratura” touch.

15 groovy tracks, mixing with jazz, merging with funk, singing harmonies from his native island, Guadeloupe.

It calls back a faithful audience who has never forgotten Moun Karayib or Absolutely Funk, two bands Stephane Castry formely co-directed. Now is a step forward, the next level. He takes the colors and essence of this first solo experience upon himself.

He opens up. He has invited people he loves to share some songs with him. And because he is demanding and always looking for perfection, no doubt Basstry Therapy’s musical value will count for many years in the world discography.



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