Florian Doucet is a music veteran. Before dedicating to Ozferti entirely, he toured around the globe and in the studio with Afro-Colombian band LA CHIVA GANTIVA (Crammed Discs) and Afro-Portuguese band TERRAKOTA (Fazuma). 

He had a call for modern Ethiopian music, and in 2016 released the ADDIS ABOUMBAP EP, 11 tracks of EthioJazz and electronic landscapes. The record received critical acclaim and was widely broadcasted by underground DJ’s and Radios (DJ Mellow / LOW UP, BEAT CHRONIC, Radio Nova Paris) but also on big stations (KCRW Los Angeles, Worldwide FM, RINSE fm France). 

This was the beginning of the Ozferti project, an adventure wich would encapsulate Flo’s musical and visual arts skills. The music contains elements of Electronica, Jazz, Hip-hop and Bass music, while using the color and richness of East-African instruments and rythms. It is a space odyssey, depicting the story of a purple planet and a masked musician, a strange place that makes us reflect on our own world. 


Welcome to the first chapter of the OZFERTI saga. Step into an unknown galaxy, where gravity is multi-dimensional and they don’t have Netflix ; where new gods are replacing the old idols and the ecosystems are being crushed by space-mining economy. Follow OZFERTI, the masked beatmaker, in his journey to the stars, in an album inspired by East-African music and partly produced and recorded in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

The 11 track album takes you through desertic landscapes and sci-fi atmospheres, with traditionnal rythm patterns and percussions being mixed with electronic synthesisers and live electric guitar.