Matjé will unveil his new album “Sur mon dos” on its physical and digital release September 22, 2023, and vinyl release on November 9, 2023 on Label d’À côté / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday November 16, 2023 at 360 Paris Music Factory (Paris).

At the crossroads between French song and World music with Afro-Latin influences, Matjé puts a poetic pen, on a warm and catchy music combining tradition and modernity.

On this album, Matjé is surrounded by prestigious guests such as:

  • Mourad Musset (La Rue Kétanou) : vocals (“Palabres”)
  • Bi.Ba : vocals (”Mitsio”)
  • Isla : vocals (“Sur mon dos”)
  • Alain Debiossat (Sixun) : saxophones (” Palabres” et “Cumbia Fanée”)
  • François Causse (Zoufris Maracas) : drums and percussions

And also by the following musicians:

  • Sébastien Gloriod : accordion
  • Ludovic Hellet : doublebass
  • Yoann Grenouilleau : drums
  • Charles Giraud : keyboards, clarinet, choirs and percussions


Biography Matjé:

Having grown up in the world of sea travels in the town of Saint-Malo, Matjé has been dreaming from an early age of distant and sunny countries. As a teenager, he met the writer Raphaël Confiant at the festival “Etonnants Voyageurs” and discovered “creolity”. Later on, living in Montreuil (93), he appropriated this concept with the meaning that Aimé Césaire would give to it. Like a “kelp hanging on the rock” of French songs, he likes to be carried away, various musical currents he has discovered abroad, and in a France still open to the world, thanks to the welcoming of many cultures since its origins. He chose the artist name “Matjé” when he discovered that this contraction of his first and last names meant “to write” in Creole. Living today close to the Atlantic Ocean, he mixes his songs with memories from his travels to Brazil, the West Indies, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Reunion…


“Sur mon dos”:

In this new album, the pseudonym of this singer, author and composer takes on its full meaning through his stories sung or rapped in French on tropical music. His light and poetic words but full of meaning mingle, for instance, with  Colombian Cumbia, Brazilian Forro, African Soukous, Reunion Maloya, Malagasy Salegy… Although getting its inspiration from traditional music, this new opus is anchored in modernity and we sometimes feel Hip hop influences in the flow or production of some tracks. His solar and catchy music exudes a positive energy inviting to dance while the careful and poetic writing leads us to take a step back and encourages thinking. 4 tracks of the album “Sur mon dos” were first made at Batiskaf in Nantes (44).

Then, following his meeting with his manager Julio Rodrigues (who revealed the Zoufris Maracas and accompanied La Rue Ketanou), he met François Causse (director, among other things, of Zoufris Maracas albums). He achieved with him 6 new tracks in Massy (91). Julio also introduced him to Mourad Musset from La Rue Kétanou (feat. on “Palabres”) during an opening part at the Cabaret Sauvage (Paris, 19th) and made it possible to release the album on the Label d’à Côté.