Luis de la Carrasca will unveil his new album “Baró Drom” on its release March 17, 2023 on Andalouse Alhambra / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday April 13, 2023 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris).

« In response to my last album Gharnata, I have imagined and created personal compositions born from the deepest inspiration of my soul (…). I have always liked to allow my work to be filled with the “Duende’s power”, the magician of Flamenco Art (…). Without the “Duende” the magic does not work and the feelings are not the same. This requires a meticulous and deep work. In this “Baró Drom” (Gran Camino), I follow my sound exploration, keeping one foot in the traditions and the other one in the modern world. I link time, experiences as well as the desire of saying something fair and positive. Truths are not hidden in flamenco.
Every theme marks a stage and pays tribute to a trip lived with passion. Flamenco is life! 

Luis de la Carrasca

Alongside with Luis de la Carrasca (songwriter, singing, palmas), the following artists collaborated to the album:

José Luis Dominguez (guitar and palmas), Manuel Gómez (guitar and palmas), François Taillefer (cajón/percussions), Domingo Moreno (cajón/percussions and palmas), Olivier Lalauze (double bass), Jorge Delgado (bass), Jérôme Boudin-Clauzel (piano), Antonio Paz (piano and chorus), Aurélien Dalmasso (electronic music) and Ana Pérez (chorus, palmas and feet).

Luis de la Carrasca

This Andalusian from Granada, who arrived in France in 1991, is currently a recognised Flamenco artist and one of the references in the Flamenco world. Self-taught, he has inherited the gift of his ancestors for el Cante.

He has several albums to his credit: FLAMENCO Luis de la Carrasca produced by Gérard Kremer (Record Label: Sunset France – Collection Air Music – AUVIDIS-1997), Flamenco por el Mundo produced by Sunset France (2008), Tesoros Humanos (2014) produced by the Association Andalouse Alhambra under license agreement with the record label Sunset France and distributed by Harmonia Mundi, and Gharnata (2019) produced by the Association Andalouse Alhambra with the help of La Région Sud Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur, the ADAMI and SCPP distributed by Inouïe Distribution. He also participated in the album Reflejo Flamenco, Artistes du Grand Sud de la France, presented at the XXXIIIrd International Congress of Flamenco Art in Nîmes in 2005. His new album Baró Drom will be released on 17 March 2023.

Many directors, such as Thomas Le Douarec, Jean-Luc Paliès, Prosper Diss, Serge Barbuscia have called upon his talent. Luis de la Carrasca composes stage music and produces the Flamenco adaptation of numerous plays (Le Cid la légende Flamenco, Signé Pombo, Théorie et Jeu du Duende, El Cordobés, Ola Federico, Carmen Flamenco…).