Lalala Napoli will unveil their new album “Cavalluccio” on its release March 5, 2021 on La Curieuse / L’Autre Distribution.
This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday Octobre 20, 2021 at the Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris).

For 10 years Lalala Napoli has been imaginatively exploring its Italian roots through the fanta- sized Naples of François Castiello, singer and accordionist in Bratsch.

With Cavalluccio, Lalala Napoli’s third album, the group has chosen a new steed to probe the depths of trance, from the galloping tarantella to the ritual parades of ancient Neapolitan techno music.

The chorus generously shouts its hymns to freedom and brotherhood; and Rossini himself is invited to a show where love serenades, operas, tamuriatas and Calabrian cavalcades collide and are trans- formed into a new traditional sound.

Joyful and wild, picaresque and rough, like the overflow of an immense heart, Lalala Napoli offers an acoustic and electric event to take us beyond Italy, from the mists of time to tomorrow!

A mix of rage and sweetness, this third album of Lalala Napoli is partly inspired by a memorable concert given in Allessandria del Caretto (Calabria) in the summer of 2018: 3 days of celebration, love, sun and freedom.

Cavalluccio is a bridge launched towards a musical tradition of the future, confirming the identity and emblematic place of Lalala Napoli within the European musical landscape.