La Sève will unveil their new album “Chlorophylle” on its release January 12, 2024, on King Tao / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Friday March 1, 2024 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris).

La Sève draws its influences from West African music, particularly Cameroonian Bikutsi and Congolese Rumba. Chlorophylle, La Sève’s new musical project, explores Ternary Form, and in particular Bikutsi, which was originally healing music sung by women. Ternary music, in 6/8 time, is fast, very rhythmical, and intended to get the hips swaying and the feet stomping.

La Sève is made of:

  • Guillaume Cornuel: guitar and voices
  • Gregory Brustier: guitar and voices
  • Samuel Paris: guitar and voices
  • Frédéric Jebejian: drums, percussions and voices

Like the life force that flows through plants. La Sève is a vital fluid that flows through the body in the rhythm of the dance. Since its creation, the band’s underlying leitmotiv has been to make music that dances, vibrates, speaks to the body, and is reminiscent of ballroom music, but without using the same conventions. The group aspires to convey a primal, essential energy.

With its new instrumental line-up of three guitars, drums and vocals, La Sève offers a direct and distinctive sound. It transcends the soundscape and reinvents the traditional repertoire. The musicians of La Sève build their musical style around a variety of
combinations made possible using the three guitars, using counterpoint and an array of vocals that interweave into chords and melodies. The musicians of La Sève play Bikutsi in their own style.

Their Rumba and Bikutsi take on the allure of math rock. They multiply musical influences, bringing together Ternary Forms such as the Waltz, Reggae and Jazz, both in their sound and in the arrangements of their themes.

It’s complex music, requiring a certain dexterity. The voices join in with the energy of the music, accompanying and enhancing the dance.