Kosasa (Exploring the World Through Music), the latest project spearheaded by artist Suissa, will reveal “Fé lève lo mort“, a new album that will be accompanied by a photo book / CD, a documentary and several clips, on the occasion of its release on CD, vinyl and digital on October 6, 2023 by Chante et tais-toi / InOuïe Distribution.

David Suissa (guitar, voice and compositions) gathered the following artists:

  • Mélanie Bourire (percussions, voice),
  • Teddy Doris (trombone),
  • David Doris (percussions, congas),
  • Lélin Gado (voice),
  • Sébastien Joanniez (voice, lyrics),
  • Luc Joly (saxophone),
  • Vincent Girard (bass, doublebass, compositions),
  • Frédéric Madia « GiliK » (percussions, voice),
  • Anne Gaëlle Hoarau (voice),
  • Marcel« Willy » Phyleas (rouleur),
  • Eno Zangoun (percussions, voice).


THE PROJET Fé lève lo mort (Reviving the Past: A Musical Journey)

It all started with the bond between Suissa, a musician from the metropolitan scene, and the enchanting island of Reunion island: its people, culture, music, and landscapes. It was the desire to share, exchange, and blend artistic elements that propelled Suissa forward. As a curious musician, Suissa embarked on a journey across various musical genres, forging connections and unifying voices. This musical exploration involved the Maloya world and artists from metropolitan France and the Reunion island, including authors, performers, and composers.

The inaugural “Kosasa” laboratory (“What is that” in Creole) resulted on an album, a CD accompanied by a photo book, a documentary, and a series of music videos — all scheduled for release on October 2023.



We, a diverse group of artists, embarked on the inaugural stage of this creative laboratory on October 2019, accompanied by numerous guests at the Cité des Arts in Saint-Denis, the capital city of Reunion island. Sébastien Joanniez, at that time, author in a residence of the Indian Ocean National Drama Center, was inspired by the enchanting island that had left a profound impact on him. The interactions he had with the locals during a whole week, are centered around the theme of « Sunday » and led to the creation of texts, poems, and songs.
Each day, a performer from the island, such as Mélanie Bourire, Eno Zangoun, Lélin Gado, Luc Joly, Teddy and David Doris, Frederik Madia “GiliK,” Anne Gaelle Hoarau, Marcel Phyleas “Willy,” and David Suissa, proposes and shares experiments with Sébastien Joanniez’s texts and Suissa and Vincent Girard’s musical compositions.The CD-book captures the pulse and emotions of these encounters, made possible with the support of CDNOI and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.



After the Laboratory, David Suissa, Vincent Girard, and David Doris returned to the Tontons Flingueurs studio, to finish the album. This unique audio creation blends interviews, electronic elements, live events, songs, and the rich maloya tradition. All these elements are assembled in the “Fé lève lo mort” (Breathing New Life into the Past) album. The recording process spanned from October 2019 to July 2022 and took place at Cité des Arts with support from Cdnoi, Tontons Flingueurs studio, the Rogaton, and the Chante et Tais Toi studio. The project was brought to life by Chante et Tais Toi label and will be distributed by InOuïe