A violin, an accordion, a guitar, a double bass, percussion. The Guappecarto play as they live, with this spontaneity, this generosity, this Italian class, a cabaret-punk side of another time that Fellini could have filmed. From Italy, they preserve the roots, a presence, a certain cachet. Gypsy culture, they take the fire, a form
of confrontation with life, a movement without borders. In this way, the music of Guappecarto undeniably opens the imaginary and story boxes …

Guappecarto’s 4th disc is composed of nine reinterpretations of the
works of Vladimir Sambol, composer Fiuman of the 1930s, who
emigrated to Sweden after the Second World War.
Sambol’s writing has been faithfully respected in some cases; in others,
it has been used to develop and obtain pieces that are profoundly
different from the original in favor of a new atypical sound research for
the quintet, expanded by surprising collaborations. Electric guitar and
bass, violin with effects, drums, are just some of the novelties of the
disc; the original pieces are unstructured, rearranged, transfigured and
sometimes added to ad-hoc pieces.
The record was recorded at Mauro Pagani’s “Officine Meccaniche”
studios in Milan in November 2018. The shots were made by Guido
Andreani and the mix by Laurent Dupuy (double grammy “best world
music album” 2014, 2015), and artistic direction by Stefano Piro.



Vincent Segal – cello
Daniele Sepe – saxophone
Adèle Blanchin – didgeridoo, jaw harp
Jeremy Nattagh – handpan, sanza, drums
Hamid Moumen – derbouka, tar, karkabou

Marzouk Mejri – daff, tar
Francesco Arcuri – sound design