David Aubaile and Julien Tekeyan will unveil their new album « HiMA » on its digital release April 15, 2022 and physical release on May 20, 2022 on Profile-on-air / UVM Distribution / Idol. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday April 13, 2022 at Le Hasard Ludique (Paris).

HiMA is music with “organic” entirely live looping between two instruments, between two accomplices, in this case David Aubaile, a magnificent virtuoso of the piano and the flute (here on the piano / keyboards / FX) and Julien Tekeyan (on the drums / percussions / looping). I would be happy to send you a copy of the album and any other additional information (visuals, press kit) for announcements and/or interviews. HiMA is their escape, a method of expression and improvising together, of attaching themselves to the sole constraint of being curious and improvising as known people on unknown paths. They start from a word to make a sentence, from a sound to compose a piece, from one rhythm to build more; they distort, loop and loop again, like a living exploration of sound. So much so that HiMA is rooted here to overflow there, and that jazz improvisation meets energy that is sometimes electro, sometimes contemporary or even pop.

Naming their duo HiMA, from the Armenian “now”, David Aubaile and Julien Tekeyan perform with musical expression and the vitality, risk and commitment of necessary in improvisation. HiMA brings to life the concept of immediacy within improvised instrumental music.

The idea of this duo is a musical expression with a very open approach. Where improvisation and virtuosity are often synonymous with jazz, David and Julien wish to share their music in a universal way.

One of their Tracks, for example, is called ‘the Avengers’, a reference to Sydney Newman and Leonard White’s TV Serie ‘The Avengers’ (« Chapeau Melon et bottes de cuir » in French). Unlike projects that present pre-produced elements on stage, HiMA is a real-time creative experience that becomes a show in and of itself. It is a joyful and trusting experience for an audience tired of inert performances and ready to receive the emotional exposure of the two musicians.A declaration of love of freedom, space, plasticity and pleasure, a true musical epicureanism, HiMA can also mix its keyboards, percussions and loops with other disciplines, and shape a common scenic gesture with dance, image morphing, painting, sculpture or poetry.The guest artists on the album (Sandra Nkake, Yan Péchin, Kaabi Kouyate) also committed themselves to the art of creative, constructive improvisation of coherent and conceptual tracks.