Canto do Sol will unveil their new album “Avant l’Équinoxe” on its release June 16, 2023, on Jaboticaba / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday June 15, 2023 at Les 2 Pianos (Paris). In this brand new project, the new captivating songs by Canto do Sol highlight mutual inspirations, reflected on their unique Franco-Brazilian friendship. With this album in two languages (French and Portuguese), Canto do Sol explores a wealth of sounds and rhythms from Brazil and elsewhere (Cape Verde for instance).

Canto do Sol is:
• Sophie Magnani: voices, compositions, lyrics
• Hervé Morisot: 7-string guitare, compositions
• Filipe Dourado: cavaquinho, compositions, lyrics
• Wendell Almeida: percussions, compositions, lyrics

The members of Canto do Sol met each other during the lock-down, thanks to the magic of social networks. Sophie and Hervé, having already partnered for previous projects, met percussionist Wendell and cavaquinist Filipe online and began to create collaborative videos. 

After a while, Sophie started to compose her first songs in December 2020, quickly joined by the whole band. Stimulating exchanges, new ideas, growing complicity and strong friendship did the rest. 11 songs and an album were born: “Avant l’Équinoxe“. The lyrics explore topics as love, desire, ocean, family, friendship, beauty of life… It’s a kaleidoscope of personal and intimate songs, each one revealing a wonderful story.

“We didn’t want to compose this album, it was imposed on us, a sort of revelation. We missed the live concerts, we needed a way to express our creativity, at that time we were not allowed to play in public and we felt this need as a breaking wave, a real and
powerful necessity. When equinox occurs, waves are stronger. That’s why we chose this title, which is also the title of one of the songs”.