Since 2007, Bazar et Bémols is a songwriting trio who mixes French traditionnal music with jazz, groove, reggae or latin music. Their rst improvised concerts in the parisian metro interessed national and international medias (France 3, Arte, Rolling Stone magazine). Soon after they have earned their life from concerts only : 400 given until now. If the staging is very dynamic, it still leaves space so we can appreciate their poetic lyrics sung by three voices in arranged harmonies.

After having sold more than 3000 copies of their 1st album « Le Fruit du bazar » / « Jumble fruit » (2015), Bazar et Bémols has worked with InOuïe Distributionand again with Quart de Lune production to release a second album of twelve songs : « Habillés d’humeurs » / « Wearing moods ». Just after its release in October 2017, the band will go on tour for two years to play these new songs in France and abroad, helped by their international booker Badass Yogi Production.

Just like its cover, the twelve songs of the CD are colored with many musical moods and different topics. Bazar et Bémols’ French music keeps on travelling : through swing when a big band joins the trio on an organic surrealist text or through afrobeat when they invite us to dance on a break-up song. The band is also blending salsa and gypsy jazz to bind laugh and tears together and, on a groovy hip-hop, condemns opportunism of the relations between business and politics.





Video clip: L’Autre Sens

Live video: Les Mots ; Le Métro ; Cuistot



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