Yasmine Kyd is a Paris-based singer/songwriter of mixed origins. She grew up on the Atlantic coast of Brittany, listening to sounds from around the globe: Berber folk music (her dad’s Algerian), jazzsoulgospelbossa nova and British pop music. Seamlessly piecing together her influences, she has a knack for melodies that stay with you, serviced by a distinctively mellifluous, yet powerful vocal presence.

While her first album ‘Earth Woman‘ (2010) featured a collection of sensitive soul ballads, with a warm acoustic production, her second album ‘Mythical Creatures‘ (2013) was an elegantly produced collection of love songs to jazz and blues, with a hint of nu soul and hip hop, which was described as reminiscent of both Joni Mitchell and Erykah Badu.



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Video clip “Till December” (Mythical Creatures album)

Video clip “Unconditional” (Earth Woman album)