“My city is Barcelona, where I was born. Now, I live in Paris, my adopted city.
I began to play the guitar when I was very young, and flamenco often brought me to travel and live in in Andalucia. In 1988 I participated as a solist in the “ First Festival of Flamenco Guitar in Paris”. I worked with the flamenco dance group “Contratiempo” from Madrid, the company “Soniquete” in Paris, and in 1994 I founded the group “Aqua Flamenco”, performing in France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Tunisia…

During this period, and up until the present day, have accompanied flamenco song and dance, working with dancers such as: Manuel Gutierrez (Cordoba), Juan Polvillo (Sevilla), La China(Madrid), Antonio Reyes (Madrid), Yasaray Rodriguez (Sevilla), Alejandra Gonzalez…, and singers such as: Alberto GarciaCristo CortesJose CortesMencho CamposJuan Murube….

I have also been very fortunate to work with some of the great artists from the world of oriental music, including Mohamed Zinelabidine (laud, Tunisia), Issa Hassan (Buzuk, Lebanon), Keivan Chemirani (zarb,Iran), Kudsi Erguner (nei, Turkey), Omar Bashir (laud, Iraq), the singers Ludfi Boushnac and Sonia MBarek (Tunisia), Mr T.A.S. Mani (mridangam, India), Ramamani (vocal, India ), Hend Zuari (Kannun, Tunisia).”


Manuel Delgado, guitar
Stephen Bedrossian, double bass
Alberto Garcia, flamenco singing
Carmela Delgado, bandoneon
Sophie Bernado, bassoon
Zied Zouari, violin
Cédric Diot, percussion


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Album available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/bellamar/id923004594