Körinn Pierre-Fanfan will unveil her new album “Rêver” on its release November 17, 2023, on Rozo Production / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday November 22, 2023 at La Petite Halle, La Villette (Paris).

The new album Rêver, whose title is a palindrome, in keeping with her first album, is an encounter with numerous cultures, as gwo-ka (traditional music from Guadeloupe), jazz and pop, creating new musical variations that bring joy and delight. Carried along by Ruddy Boa arrangements, the artiste finds her inspiration in her native island, Guadeloupe. Sharing, rhizome-like, Caribbean area to the universal.

On this album, Körinn Pierre-Fanfan (voice, lyrics sand compositions) is playing with the following

  • Ruddy Boa: piano and arrangements
  • Arnaud Dolmen: drums
  • Kristof Négrit: drums
  • Michel Alibo: double-bass
  • Zacharie Abraham: double-bass
  • Jean-Christophe Raufaste: bass

Confidential for a long time, Körinn Pierre-Fanfan is out in the open now. Trained at ATLA school and Richard Cross’s, she for a while roamed musical scenes as a backing vocalist for Brigitte, As Animals, Tony Allen, Youssoupha, Seun Kuti, and Nicoletta. Then the time had come for more personal projects where Körinn teamed with major players of french overseas music scene :
Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Blick Bassy, Jonathan Jurion, Stéphane Castry, Frantz Laurac, Lionel Agénor ou Ralph Lavital.

But it’s the meeting with the pianist Ruddy Boa that led her to become the accomplished artist she is now. In November 2019 her first album Traversée is released, a poetical introspection of her native Guadeloupe. The title also alludes to the Traversée road, a tropical forest protected in Guadeloupe. Between pop, soul, jazz and world music, Traversée discusses the importance of
interpersonal relationships, a recurrent theme within the artist’s world.

The artist word:
“For me, as a songwriter, it is important to carry out such personal projects because the way of working and producing this music is intimately linked to the experience of the people you meet that the creation induces. These collaborations create beautiful synergies, first with Ruddy Boa, arranger and pianist I’ve been working with since the first album Traversée. They allow unexpected openings, new pers- pectives for each song of the album Rêver. This is very different from how I could work before. This new album, besides being a wish I have had for a long time, is a gift for me, because in Rêver, I can play a very personal score.” Körinn Pierre-Fanfan