Kandy Guira will unveil her new album “Nagtaba” on its release October 22, 2021 on Que Du Bonheur En Son / Vlad Production / RFI Talents / Inouïe Distribution.

This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday October 6, 2021 at Petit Bain (Paris).


« Nagtaba means TOGETHER: I wanted to create this album as a call for more solidarity, to come closer, to better understand each other in order to build the future. For me, the woman is the symbol of this Nagtaba album, because it is she who brings together and unites all the differences.

This new project is a continuation of the EP Tek La Runda, where I encourage women to take their destiny into their own hands and defend the deeply humanist values of the society of which they are the future.

Nagtaba is a positive, feminine, mixed-culture album, the fruit of my inspirations and the many human and artistic encounters that have marked my path.

With Nagtaba, I draw on my origins and i bring a more urban approach that also reflects my current life.

I have wanted to mix electronic accents with traditional Burkina melodies such as the warba or the wiire to create a unique and vibrant alchemy, at the base of my sound: electro-pop Faso.

For Nagtaba, I invited long-time traveling companions and inspired artists by my musical universe, driven by this search for new horizons and musical fusion.

We will see Alif Naaba, a compatriot and artist whose commitment I admire, Jowee Omicil in whom I find this taste for interbreeding, African. »