Temming from the meeting of the pianist Mathieu Belis, the cellist Nicolas Carpentier and the percussionist Thomas Ostrowiecki, Yeliz Trio takes us to the crossroads of urban, classical and oriental music, influenced by artist such as Trio E.S.T, Chick Coréa, Anouar Brahem, and composers like Ravel, Bartok and Shostakovic. From this heritage has grown a peculiar sound: impressionist harmonies and melismatic language of the piano , lyric or rough tones of the cello, trance and asymmetric rhythm and collective energy, the music of the Trio leads the listener into a powerful and poetic sound universe.


After listening to a solo album by Chick Coréa, pianist Mathieu Bélis, coming from a classical training, gets passionate about improvisation. He comes to develop his own musical language as an autodidact, inspired by musicians like Egberto Gismonti, Keith Jarrett or Anouar Brahem. Composer as much as pianist, the important thing for him is not really the instrument, but rather the harmonies, the colors and the feelings that he wishes to express.


Coming from a classical training at the Paris Conservatoire, Nicolas Carpentier has always been interested in blending different artistic expressions. He explores with different musical ensembles the links between music and cinema, tale, mime, dance, traditional contemporary music. He joined the Yeliz Trio in 2016, giving him the opportunity to reconcile his interest in contemporary creation with his love for modal improvisation as a new opportunity to search and express his own voice.


Thomas Ostrowiecki studied jazz drums with Georges Pacynski then the world (West Africa, Bazil, Turkey, Egypt…)to study traditional percussion. His versatility and artistic curiosity lead him to work in contexts as varied as world music (Safy boutera, Souad Massy, Titi Robin, Angelique Lonatos, Monica Passos…), rock and the alternative scene (Sergent Garcia, New Wave),the song (Bernard Lavillier, Ute Lemper, Mano Solo, Vanessa Paradis…) He also collaborates with the Paris Opera and the Symphonic Orchestra of Brittany.