Duplex wil unveil their new album “Maelstrom” on its release on January 27, 2023 by ARC Music / Disques Dom.

The Maelstrom journey all began in 2018, during a project based around the American band Nirvana, where Chierici and Laloy first met. There, the seeds of Duplex were sewn. As the project slowly began to bear fruit, the founders cherry-picked two talented musicians to round off the cast of an already intriguing act – adding the bold beats 

of Oliver Cox on drums and the distinctive tones of Quentin Nguyen on keys. Poney Gross was later brought on board as music supervisor.

Didier Laloy specialises in the diatonic accordion, having discovered the instrument at a street party at thirteen. Showing a natural talent and a sharp ear, Didier developed an innovative, intrepid style that has become his signature today. A frequent collaborator, Laloy’s experimental nature has led him to musical realms such as jazz, pop/ rock, and even theatre, all the while drawing on his considerable knowledge and experience in world music. Didier is considered one of the most active participants in the international revival of the diatonic accordion.

Damien Chierici is a violinist, composer and arranger. Having studied under Liege luminaries Gilbert Theys and Martin Pirard, he soon uncovered a latent passion for using the violin outside the traditional classical setting. Realising the possibilities of amplification and effects pedals, as well as introducing plucking into his play, Damien also originated a style of his own. At first, he found groups with the peers of his youth and later composed for a litany of Belgian bands and played as a musician for numerous film scores, as well as establishing himself as a prominent performer in Belgium’s flourishing pop/rock scene.

An eclectic and ethereal experience, Maelstrom is one musical voyage you will be glad to have joined.