Ever since the beginning, Dupain have always vowed to experiment and resist. To experiment new musical blendings between rock, electro and traditional music. To resist by claiming a plural, cultural and linguistic identity of the common people, involving both protest and poetry. Although he sings in Occitan and accompanies himself on the mandole, Sam Karpienia shows no chauvinism and goes for rebels’ underground domains rather than long-conquered, conventional territories that are all too familiar. This deliberately off-the-beaten-tracks approach has given rise to three dense and singular albums: L’Usina (2000), Camina (2002) and Les Vivants (2005). Today, Sam Karpienia and Pierre-Laurent Bertolino, accompanied by flautist Gurvant Le Gac, drummer François Rossi and bassist Emmanuel Reymond, present “Sòrga“. This new work is musical art brut made of hurdy-gurdy and vocals, percussive force and melodies to dance or listen to –a kind of imaginary “folk step” with bewitching hurdy-gurdy spirals, a sky-soaring flute, a pulse that seems to spring from distant thunder and Sam Karpienia’s voice, forever raspy and striking. Yes, Dupain are well and truly back, at the same time totally new and exactly like they’ve always been.


Live: http://vimeo.com/99934450
Teaser: http://vimeo.com/99933208