Claudia Meyer will unveil her new album “La Negra – Tribute to Mercedes Sosa, The voice of Latin America” on its release March 22, 2024, on Kobbi Prod / InOuïe Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday April 25, 2024 at Café de la Danse (Paris).

The first single, “La Maza“, has been available on all platforms since 26 January 2024.

This album is based on the musical show. The original and innovative character of Claudia Meyer’s interpretation brings back to life the musical itinerary of this artist, internationally known for her voice, “the voice of silent people”. This album retraces the different steps of her life as an artist and as a woman.

The album includes two duets: an exceptional one with Mercedes Sosa, and one with Maurane, to whom the album is dedicated.

A word about Mercedes Sosa:

“Mercedes Sosa is the voice that influenced me, she took me into her story and I plunged into her music. Although I am not a South American and Spanish is not my mother tongue, I was seized and taken by this culture and its musicality and overwhelmed by the power of her emotionally rich voice. I was sensitive to her story, to her life as a woman, to her commitment to the poorest and to the immense interpreter that she was. She has always been part of my musical itinerary, I have been singing her since I was a teenager and have paid tribute to her on my previous 2 albums Azul et Fuego. I am very moved and happy to revive her music on stage, and on the album “La Negra”.” Claudia Meyer

The album:

The album and the show offer a mix of tradition and modernity, readapted by Claudia Meyer and Marc Benabou “Marquito” on percussions. Even though she remained faithful to original versions, Claudia Meyer brings her personal touch by playing ethnic instruments such as the charango, the cuatro, and particularly the bombo (andean drums) which Mercedes Sosa used to play on stage. The album is identical to the live show, a deliberate intention to reflect the proximity and the intimacy formed by Mercedes Sosa and her guitarist, Nicolas Brizuela.