Gharnata – The Album :

“Gharnata means Granada in arabic. Why this choice? By being a Granadian, I am aware of the legacy left by this extraordinary civilization at his peak.
Al Andalus has given us an example of coexistence, an art of living and a huge and deep culture, « with capital C», either in painting, poetry, craftmanship, science and especially in music. Considering I am self-thaught, I like to think that this skill for painting, writing, composing and performing has been bequeathed to me, as it has been inlaid by my genes in a specific feeling, like a genetic memory which gives me a pulse to unearth something which has already been, has existed.
The texts of my lyrics are a tribute to the values of great importance, essential to humanity historically: respect, coexistency, tolerance, generosity, willingness, faith, goodness and the most important love, love of fellow beings, of life, of earth, of nature… Love with capital L : values which are as essential as oxygen for life. Values which tend to disappear and for which we have to fight in order to preserve them. Together, they are the basis of Human Rights. However, I also felt the necessity to approach the importance of our roots.
The reference which is guiding us towards the future remembering where we came from and who we are. The familly, fundamental pilar of a healthy and strong morale that provides us to live in harmony with ourselves.
Environment and his modern issues are also a global fact which puts every life in danger. Finally, it’s also a tribute to the memory of great geniuses who are Federico García Lorca, Antonio Machado and the great Bizet. This constitues an inescapable and unforgettable heritage for humanity. ”

Luis De la Carrasca

Luis de la Carrasca :

This Andalusian from Granada, arrived in France in 1991, is currently the artist flamenco recognized and one of the references in the flamenco world. He is self-taught and has inherited his gift for “el Cante” from his ancestors.
Plenty of directors, like Thomas Le Douarec, Jean-Luc Paliès, Prosper Dis, Serge Barbuscia appealed to his talent. Luis de la Carrasca composes music for the production and has integrated Flamenco in dramatic and classical plays (Le Cid la légende Flamenco, Signé Pombo, Théorie et Jeu du Duende, El Cordobés, Ola Federico, Carmen Flamenco….). Since 1991 at every Avignon Fringe Festival, creates a new show (Théâtre du Chêne Noir, Théâtre des Corps Saints, Théâtre du Balcon, Théâtre La Luna, Théâtre de l’Oulle…). In 2020 he will celebrate his 30rd festival.
Thanks to his company, from the very beginning he had an approach to support young artists towards professionalization, and introduced them to the audience : Juan Cortes « Chulo », La Moneta, Melinda Sala, Manolo, Sabrina Romero, Manuel Gutierrez, Santiago, Enrique Santiago, Kuky Santiago, Ana Pérez…