Komasi will unveil their new album “Mezclatotäl” on its release March 5, 2021 on Yapa / Inouïe Distribution.

This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday November 4, 2021 at the Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris).

The band is made of:
Simon Chenet: guitar, chorus
Mauricio Santana: guitar, vocal
Koto Brawa: drums, vocal, percussions

The album
A successful marriage between Mandingo cumbia and psychedelic afrobeat, with KOMASI, three continents meet on stage: Europe with Simon Chenet (France), Africa with Koto Brawa (Burkina Faso), Latin America with Mauricio Santana (Chile).
The MEZCLATOTÄL album was recorded in France, Cuba and Burkina-Faso.
The concept was simply obvious: “MEZCLATOTÄL: the ultimate blend”.

The band
KOMASI’s three members have known each other for ten years, playing with the same singers (Edgar Sekloka, KPG, Gaël Faye, Victor Démé…) or within the same bands (Yapa, Joke…).
In 2018, as each of them worked on a solo album, they decided to join forces to form a power trio. Three charismatic personalities, three warriors, bringing together three universes, compositions and cultures.

As in good cooking, the ingredients combine wonderfully to form a unique and original flavor.