Trovaores is the story of how flamenco, jazz and chanson come together in the heart of the snow-capped mountains of Grenoble and Granada. Seven artists overjoyed to come together on stage to create a musical story made up of rules and transgressions, to share it with the public. Their arrangements take us from the most essential flamenco to the sounds of jazz and to the Hispanic or Galician poetic trova, which lend the performance a breath and rhythm, where each beat renders tribute to deep syncretic energy.

Trovaores is a show featuring two powerful, contrasting and complementary voices backed up by musicians from various backgrounds, a kind of bridge between the different Souths, halfway between here and elsewhere. As such, it crosses two artistic and poetic universes carried along by deep voices that turn scratchy when the duende calls for it, and showing restraint when emotion is crucial. It is also carried along by the lyrics, which convey a raging forcefulness and devotion at all times.

Trovaores is the duende in action and in interactions, because while the duende is the soul of “dark sounds”, it is also the spirit of confluence.

Antonio Placer, Vocals and artistic direction

Singer, musician, poet, composer, arranger, a Galician exiled in France, he creates world music and songs shaped by the different winds that have carried him throughout his career. What is the style, the nature of the music he makes? Hard to classify… He doesn’t make flamenco, jazz, fado, tango, or classical music. His art is, first and foremost, the stage that he graces with his generous and engaging presence.

He has the sincerity of Jacques Brel, the anger of Léo Ferré and the revolutionary passion of Jean Ferrat. His quivering tragedian performances have been sending up audiences on stages in France and elsewhere for twenty-four years. His words and his presence are moving and hit deep…

He has composed over 20 original works on national and international stages in more than 30 countries. In so doing, he has performed over 300 songs to audiences worldwide. He has released 13 albums. His poetry work has been published in several countries and written in four different languages.

He has shared his art and composed shows with great artists such as: Fernando Suarez Paz (violinist from Astor Piazolla), Renaud García-Fons, Steve Swallow, Paulo Bellinati, Carlo Rizzo, Elena Ledda, Angélique Ionatos, Amancio Prada, Rocío Marquez, Gabriele Mirabassi, Toninho Ferragutti, Jean-Marie Machado, Stracho Temelkovski, Jean-François Baez, Jorge « Negrito » Trasante, Cristina Azuma, Mauro Palmas, etc.