The Tambor Y Canto Company will unveil their new album « La Segunda » on its digital release May 27, 2022 and physical release on June 27, 2022 on Quart de Lune / UVM DistributionIdol. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday June 9, 2022 at 360 Paris Music Factory (Paris).

On the album “LA SEGUNDA“, the Tambor y Canto Company blends jazz with the numerous kinds of traditional music from South America and the Caribbean. Four master percussionists sing, dance, recite, strike their drums, eager to share with you the richness of ancestral songs and rhythms.

The Tambor Y Canto Company is:
Simon Bolzinger: artistic direction, piano, arrangements, compositions
Rocco Sedano: danse, percussions from Argentina
Patinho Axé: songs, percussions from Brazil
Julio Molina Perez: songs, percussions from Cuba
Daniel Ochoa Licero: songs, percussions from Colombia
Olivier Temine: saxophones
Willi Quiko: double bass, bass


The Tambor Y Canto Company and Simon Bolzinger:
The Tambor Y Canto Company was founded in 2013 in Marseille during the 10th Rencontres festival of the same name. It blends jazz with the many kinds of traditional musics from South America and the Caribbean, under the direction of pianist Simon Bolzinger. Pianist, composer, arranger, Simon Bolzinger has a background in classical and jazz (having trained with Magali Souriau and Guy Longnon), in addition to his scientific career (with Jean-Claude Risset). He is passionate about traditional music from South America and the Caribbean, which he transcribes on piano or rewrites for orchestra, always respecting tradition and striving for authenticity. In 1989 he went to live in Venezuela where he performed for two years. Artistic director of the PICANTE Association in Marseille since 1993, he has organized the “Tambor y Canto Meetings” every year since 2005, as well as international exchanges which then get produced as shows and albums.

La Segunda:
The blending is done by means of the piano, the saxophone and the double bass competing each in their virtuosity in a back and forth from one country to another, that finally arrives at a new unclassifiable music somewhere between jazz and traditional music, one made up of rhythms of African origin, Amerindian melodies, texts from ancient Europe and contemporary creation. The debut CD “Tambor y Canto” (Picante 2017) took us to Peru in its day. In 2021, “La Segunda” takes us to Colombia. The staple music: Cuba, Brazil and Argentina are always along for the ride. And the caravel sets sail! Escorted by the surdos and timbaos of Bahia on one hand, the batás and shekeres of Havana on the other, the piano leaves Barranquilla and its cumbia for the Quebrada de Humahuaca, where it will dance the carnavalito. The carnival just has to hold steady! Even if it gets cancelled worldwide, the drums are there, ready to be taken out on the street, as Sergio Sampaio sang in 1974. Because the artists in the Tambor y Canto Company also know how to express their views on current events and don’t hesitate when it comes to denouncing the corruption of the political-financial-religious system on this new album.