Jean-Luc Thomas & Gab Faure will unveil their new album “Gwiad” on its release May 26, 2023, on Hirustica / L’Autre Distribution. This new work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday June 14, 2023 at Péniche Antipode (Paris).

“«Gwiad» (Breton), weaving. This word in itself describes the multitude of ties which inspire us. This art is a metaphor for our vibrant and effervescent music, a patchwork inspired by the colours of our travels and encounters. Thread after thread, our life stories are interwoven, tied, bonded. Our music emerges and evolves in the perpetual quest for what connects us: capturing the movements of life.” Jean-Luc Thomas & Gab Faure

Gab Faure

Born in 1983, Gab Faure began his career as a violinist at Caen’s music conservatory. After ten years of playing classical music, he decided to leave this sphere, his sights actively set on world music. His path is one of many encounters, discoveries, travels. He participated to many musical projects from diverse horizons: Breton music, Bluegrass, Balkan music, Irish music, Oriental music, Gnaoua, Gypsy jazz, song, representing more than 700 concerts and 18 records in 15 years. In the same time, he produces «J’ai tendu les cordes» (‘I stringed the strings’), a series of approximately 50 videos of musical gatherings in Ire- land, Scotland, Quebec, Morocco and Brittany. His improvisations, which all his projects are cross-practiced with, are nurtured by an advanced music vocabulary and delicate emotion. Since 2021, he has been exploring the radiophonic universe by producing sound documentaries, mainly with the ‘Kreiz Breizh Radio’. Today we can find him as a duo with the flutist Jean-Luc Thomas, in the Baleer Bro trio, in the fest-noz group Titom and in the group Toutã.

Jean-Luc Thomas

«For this exceptional flutist, each note is connected to an emotion. Jean- Luc Thomas only performs in the Celtic tradition to better resonate his African, Arabic and South American sensitivities.» Les Inrocks (May 2014)

It can be learnt, taught and theorised, but music will never completely break away from busking on the street. We have to open ourselves more to the world and its inhabitants. No one knows this better than Jean-Luc Thomas, one of today’s greatest French flutists in traditional and improvised music. Thanks to his globetrotting, the breadth of his music knowledge never stops growing. Tregor native, Jean-Luc Thomas partners with Breton, Malian, Polish, Brazilian, Indian and Arabic musicians and singers, whether they are traditional, classic or jazz musicians (such as Carlos Malta, Michel Godard, Yacouba Moumouni, Vitor Lopes, Ravichandra Kulur). In addition, he was part of the Zingaro Equestrian Theatre («Ex-Anima») for three years. As a tireless observer of the world and its traditions, he has never conceded anything to business. In all his attempts to unite musics, Jean-Luc Thomas has never settled for tricks and shortcuts. For him, human dignity cannot be bought: «We get to be part of such great things,» he still wonders. «My flute gave me keys to the world». And it’s a whole world, that in return, his flute invites us to discover.

Adaptation from the bio written by Louis-Julien Nicolaou (Les Inrocks – Télérama)