It is at a random station that guitarist and composer Matia Levrero meets one of his acquaintances, Tcha Limberger.
Tcha is a luminous artist, from a large family of gypsy musicians, multi-instrumentalist, blind at birth, whose ever-growing fame goes far beyond the borders of Belgium. But it is above all someone very open, which multiplies appearances with artists from very distant worlds, from legends of Bulgarian music to contemporary jazz musicians of Aka Moon. 
During the last two years, from Brussels to Transylvania, through the south of France, Matia and Tcha meet regularly to share moments of music and life.
Together, they play their compositions, tinged with Balkan music and exchange on traditional Greek, Turkish and Romanian music, but also on jazz and improvisation.
Soon, a musical color appears and both share the desire to build a group around a jazz that has its roots in the Mediterranean region.
To this duo are added two rare musicians, the saxophonist, accordionist and sound engineer Guilhem Verger, true “soul brother” of Matia and Simon Leleux, Belgian percussionist, former student of the Turkish master Misirli Ahmet. The quartet meets several times in Brussels and Montpellier and performs its first concerts in 2017.
Today the quartet is devoted to new compositions while constantly strengthening its work around Mediterranean rhythms and patterns.

Matia Levréro (Montpellier) guitar :

Guitarist, composer and arranger is an artist open to the world; without preconceived ideas, he is only guided by his emotions … He refines his musical style through his stage

meetings, mixing jazz, Mediterranean and African music, with renowned musicians like Julien Lourau, Tcha Limberger, Fabrizio Cassol … You can discover him on stage with Free River (in the company of Central African singer Emma Lamadji), Les Anes of Palinkov (jazz fanfare of the Balkans), the Melquiades Quartet (with guest saxophonist Julien Lourau) or Le grand ensemble Koa.

Tcha Limberger (San Sebastian / Brussels) Violin, Singing :

The gypsy Tcha Limberger is one of those men who seems to have had many lives. He is a violinist, guitarist, singer, composer … he is also fluent in seven languages!
He shines in terribly demanding musical styles, such as Transylvanian music (Kalotatszeg Trio), Hungarian music (Budapest Gypsy Orchestra), Django music (Brussels violins), contemporary jazz (Aka Moon), and Greek music (Tatavla Trio).
The list is long of the great masters whom he shared the stage with (Jordi Savall, Dimos Vougioukas, Misirli Ahmed, Stephane Galland, Bireli Lagrene, Magic Malik, Sivaraman …).