Always eager for contrasts, the French violinist/violist Gabriel Bismut and the Italian accordionist/pianist Maurizio Minardi will delve into popular music from France, Italy, Argentinian tango, Latin waltzes and Baroque rhapsodies, and make them a very personal
They will present at Studio de l’Ermitage their first joint album, “Le Chat Brel”, within their acoustic jazz quartet.
Le Chat Brel” is a reference to Chabrol and to the cinema of the ‘Nouvelle Vague’, coupled with the expressiveness of Jacques Brel and the elegance and carefree nature of a feline.
The passion for the cinema is indeed omnipresent in their original compositions, which oscillate between a light humor and a strong intensity, while remaining, like a film of the Nouvelle Vague’, sincere and without artifices.

Gabriel Bismut and Maurizio Minardi met on the Parisian jazz scene at the end of 2016.
Their Italian origins and their taste for the beautiful melodies of film music made them want to put together a project around their compositions.
Their original arrangements paying homage to Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone and Jacques Brel.
They performed more than 60 concerts in France, in Italy and Belgium and England.